By Rachel Hoeing

Two months ago, I wrote this blog about my decision to work with a personal trainer at the YMCA.  I promised to write a follow-up post and let you know how things went.

First off, I will tell you that I have been to the YMCA at least five times a week for the past two months!  If you remember correctly, exercise is not my thing, so this has been a huge change!  I even made time to go to the Y while I was in Charlotte a few weekends!  To be honest, I can always find a million other things to do than exercise, but lately I have realized how much I am … wait for it … enjoying it!  Yikes!  I said it.  I have actually kinda-sorta enjoyed it!   I am feeling more energetic and I have come to see that when I am having a stressful day, a visit to the Y really does help to clear my head.

I will back up a bit and say that after working with my trainer, Mandy, at the William G. White location for about a month, I was getting a little burnt out.  I did not feel like my clothes were fitting any better and I felt like the work I was doing was a waste of time.  I was just about to throw in the towel.  But the next morning I had a session scheduled so I begrudgingly went in.  It was the “weigh and measure day” and to my surprise I had lost inches all over as well as pounds.  It gave me the kick-start and confidence I needed to stick with it for another month.

Now here we are two months later and I can honestly say this was worth it.  I attended our Hope in Heels Gala this past weekend and was able to put on a dress that I felt great wearing!  I also feel like I have made exercise more of a priority in my life.  Unfortunately my choices in food are not the best, but by working out I know I am at least doing something right.  For years I told myself that I did not need to join a fitness facility to stay in shape and that I would ride my bike or walk outside.  Wrong.  Yeah, I did it once in a while, but having a facility to visit and a trainer to check in on me has made all the difference.

The price for trainers at the Y is very reasonable, and Mandy helped me learn exercises that would work for my body type and specifically for my knee problems.  She helped to motivate me and keep me going when I truly felt like being done with exercise once and for all.  She also showed me unique workouts that I am able to do anywhere with simply a mat, ball, or bands.

This week I have also scheduled a visit where I will work with a trainer and get set up on the Fit Linx program.  This is a free wellness orientation.  This strength training program is a series of machines that target specific areas of the body and will not only help me now, but can help prevent that hunchback and bad posture that come with the aging process!

So my final words will be those of affirmation.  I have really enjoyed my training sessions and would encourage our readers to do the same if you are ready to get serious about your health and prepare your body for bathing suit weather!  Visit and contact the location nearest you to request a personal trainer.  Prices vary by location.   You do not need to be a member of the Y to take advantage of the personal training sessions, but I will say that it definitely helped me stay on track.

Best of luck if you decide to give it a try!

Sponsored by the YMCA of Northwest NC