By Kelly Hines

Every Sunday, I pull the coupon inserts from the newspaper. I spend a couple of hours cutting and sorting, then matching coupons to sales, matching the sales to my list, and then finally – finally! – I’m ready to go to Food Lion.

Then, in the checkout line, I generally discover one of two things:
My coupons have expired, or,
I’ve left my coupons at home.

Couponing isn’t an option in my house. With a family of five and one income, I look for every opportunity to save money. When I find myself at the checkout without my coupons, it’s more than just frustrating – it’s savings I can’t afford to lose. So when I heard about Food Lion’s new MVP Coupon Hub, I was more than a little interested!

No more cutting coupons. No more leaving coupons at home. No more missing out on savings when coupons expire. Sign me up!

Step1The program is so simple to use. All I had to do was go to the Food Lion Website and watch the MVP Coupon Hub tutorial to get started. I registered My MVP Card and in just a few minutes, I was digitally “clipping” coupons on the MVP Coupon Hub.

There are lots of coupons to clip, too! From cereal to dairy products to cleaning supplies, there is a wide variety of categories to choose from. I was pleasantly surprised to find coupons on Food Lion brand products, too. How often do you find a coupon for something with an already great price?

Step2All the coupons went directly to My MVP Card! And because my card is on my phone, and my phone is pretty much surgically attached to my body, I will never forget my coupons again. This realization caused me to literally jump out of my seat with excitement. I’m a 40-something, stay at home mom of three kids – trust me, this is exciting in my world! AND, when the coupons expire, POOF! They are gone from My MVP Card. Never again would I stand at the checkout trying to decipher a teeny tiny expiration date. The MVP Coupon Hub is saving me time, frustration, and money.

If I ever do get nostalgic for cutting coupons, MVP Coupon Hub gives me a print option as well. Maybe my kids need to practice their fine motor skills and cutting coupons is great practice. Maybe I dropped my iphone in the toilet and it’s sitting in a bag of rice and I desperately need to go to the store. No problem! Just go to the MVP Coupon Hub and click on the “Print at Home” tab at the top of the page.

Step3I’m frugal with my time and my money, and standing in the checkout line and discovering I’d wasted both was super stressful. Thanks to Food Lion, My MVP Card, and the new MVP Coupon Hub, I never have to experience that feeling again!


*Sponsored by Food Lion