By TMoM Team Member Sandy Harper

In today’s Friday Finds:

  • The Meaning of the WS Christian Lions
  • Exploring Elementary Students’ Needs
  • Scholarships!
  • Have You Seen the Choice Awards Winners?


The Meaning of the WS Christian Lions

Winston Salem Christian School seeks to empower learners, cultivate hearts and engage the community. Small class sizes help teachers know and challenge their students. The school implements the portrait of a graduate from the three year olds through twelfth grade: LIONS

LOVE the Lord
SERVANT Leadership

WSCS is a great place to learn in a diverse setting. Students are grounded in a Christ-centered environment and find success for the next stages of life. Families can learn more at


Exploring Elementary Students’ Needs

Did you know that first, second, and third graders have a natural desire to learn? They’re inquisitive, enthusiastic, and social. Additionally, they’re beginning to question their place in the world and looking to give the world meaning in the context of their lives. They’re developing their powers of reasoning, abstraction, and imagination. Schooling should encourage, not hinder, this growth.

Greensboro Montessori School’s program is designed to meet students’ thirst for learning. Students attend small-group, one-on-one lessons, and work independently. Learn how your rising first, second, third grader can thrive at school at our upcoming Lower Elementary Open House.



Scholarships! This opportunity is open to all students (freshmen, sophomore, junior, senior) who attend or plan on attending/returning to High School, College, or Trade/Vocational School. The top scholarship is $1,000!

There are no requirements. Students will simply make a 15-60 second video on approved topics then the public will vote on their favorite videos. There will be four monthly winners, so your chances of earning a scholarship are excellent. This contest is open in all states. Voting starts March 5th so start creating your videos now! Get all the details and information at


Have You Seen the Choice Awards Winners?

Did you know that the 13th Annual TMoM Choice Awards winners were announced?

Congratulations to the winners of the 2023 TMoM Choice Awards contest! The final results have been tallied and we are honored to announce which finalists emerged as favorites among our TMoM readers and fans.

View all the winners by clicking here!


*Today’s Friday Finds is sponsored by Winston Salem Christian and Greensboro Montessori School.

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