By Kathryn Pepper, author of the blog Destination Craft

We’re happy to feature another one of Kathryn’s crafty blogs today, especially since it’s something both moms and kids can create together and enjoy! If you have fun craft ideas – and like to blog – email We are always looking to share new ideas! ~ Katie

Valentine’s Day is coming up! I don’t know about you, but I have very little Valentine decor. Here’s a quick and easy project you can whip up and stick up just in time for this LOVE-ly holiday. Have fun creating!

1. These sticks are from Michael’s and I don’t think they’re
very expensive at all. Maybe $1.50/pack?
2. I used some wood glue to glue the sides together. I used 11
sticks but adjust to as big as you’d like.
3. I glued two sticks on the back to make it more study and to
make it more like, well…a mini pallet.
4. After my mini pallet was dry, I spray painted it gray (make sure
your painting area is well ventilated!)


1. I cut out a heart (just free-handed it) and then traced it onto the wood.
2. Okay, here’s where I could have/should have changed it. I placed stickers on the heart
so that I could paint over the stickers and then remove them and there would
be alovely “love” stenciled into the heart.
3. However, as you can see, the stickers didn’t come off as prettily as I would have liked.
I ended up painting over it with white but I should have just put the stickers on over the
painted heart! Oh well. You can choose what you think will work for you.

And there you have it! A cute little Valentine mini pallet to put somewhere
just in time for Valentine’s day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!