By Rachel Hoeing

Who doesn’t love a good game night? We’ve blogged before about great games for the family (click here and here), but how about for a girls’ night in, or a couples’ party? Get some friends together and enjoy a good old-fashioned evening with plenty of laughs.

Since there are “different strokes for different folks,” I have divided these game ideas into two categories. The first is fun games that are “clean” for lack of a better word. Wholesome fun with good laughs and competitive spirit. The second is for the group of friends who do not get offended easily, and don’t mind crude or dirty topics. In other words, you do not want to play these games with people you just met!! (And most of the time you won’t want to play them with family members either. Can you say uncomfortable?!?!)


Adult Games for Clean Fun


This game has been around for quite sometime, but it honestly never gets old. Watching friends struggle to describe a word as fast as they can always creates plenty of laughs. You have to guess fast, then pass the game fast, so you won’t get caught holding it when the buzzer goes off! Think “Charades” with verbal clues, add a timer, and you’ve got Catchphrase!



Salad Bowl (Also called Fishbowl)

This game does not cost any money, and players write the clues themselves. When you are with a group that you know well, it becomes even more fun because the clues can be personal and involve “inside jokes” if you wish. To get directions on how to set up the game and play, click here. Also be sure to check out Rabble, a game that was inspired by Fishbowl. Click here to find instructions as well as a free version that you can print out and play at home.





Mexican Train

This games is also known as ”Trains” and is great for family game night, too. Players work to dispense all the dominoes in their hand by playing them onto one or more ”trains” that are built from a central hub. It’s a great game for fun, but doesn’t take too much concentration so that you can have plenty of side-convos during the game! 




Watch Ya’ Mouth

Surely you saw plenty of commercials for this game last year and although it looks like it might be funny on TV, when you see it live with your friends it is 1,000 times funnier!

It can get a little gross to put the mouth pieces in and have saliva dripping out of your mouth, but luckily everyone has their own mouth piece and they can be washed before you play again!





This is a classic game that has been around for quite a while, but is always a lot of fun! It brings out a competitive spirit as you get your teammates to say the phrase on the card without using any of the Taboo words. If your opponents hear a Taboo word, you get buzzed and they will get the point. 





Adult Games for Inappropriate and Not-so-Clean Fun

Cards Against Humanity

You are sure to have heard of this game, but if you haven’t yet played it, look out. Get ready for plenty of blushed cheeks, jaw drops, and laughter. It’s similar to the game “Apples to Apples,” but with an inappropriate twist.

Again, not for those who might get offended easily! If you already own the game and are ready for some fresh game cards, check out the expansion packs.




What Do You Meme? 

Think “Apples to Apples” but with a dirty twist. Similar to “Cards Against Humanity” but with memes (pictures). Definitely plenty of inappropriate/vulgar language.

You can also get different packs with different cards when you have played the original game one too many times.




Drawing Without Dignity 

As the game description quotes, “670 inappropriate things to draw, more than most deplorably bad people can handle.” Pretty much, it’s a game of Pictionary with an x-rated twist. 



Comment below with your favorite games for an adult night get-together. What did we miss?