By TMoM Co-Managers Suzy Fielders & Sandy Harper

Tis’ the season… for the annual struggle of trying to figure out the best gifts for all the loved ones in your life. Don’t worry TMoM is here to help! As moms we understand the stress of the season and all that needs to be done, including purchasing gifts. We’ve put together this list of gift ideas for all ages.

This year is all about providing experiences. While physical gifts are still fun, especially for young ages, it’s always a great idea to provide a gift that is an ‘experience’. We have no doubt other moms will appreciate you are not adding to the ‘clutter’ in their homes.

Gift Ideas for Kids

No matter the age, what kid doesn’t love gifts for the holidays? There is something magical about a child unwrapping presents. It’s still not always easy deciding what to get the kiddos – whether yours, a family member’s or a friend’s kids. Therefore, here are a few ideas to get your shopping list started.


  • Amber necklace – perfect for all those teething infants to sooth their sore gums
  • Tummy time mats or toys – who else has heard that doctor asking so many times are you doing tummy time
  • Sensory toys – think soft, textured blocks, rattles, and crinkle books


  • Montessori toys – choose ones made from natural materials that don’t move or make noise on their own
  • Play clothes – toddlers are messy and constantly growing, so they can always use extra clothes (just be sure to ask sizes first if it’s for other’s kids)
  • Memberships or passes – get them passes or memberships to local kid’s museums or trampoline parks that have special toddler times

Elementary Ages

  • STEM or art kits – let them have fun and learn at the same time
  • Interest based gifts – select gifts that really connect to them – for example, if they love dance get them dance gear or clothes
  • Outings – get tickets to an event they will love. Is your child into trains then take them to the NC Transportation Museum in Spencer or if they love history take them to North Carolina Museum of History in Raleigh.

Tweens & Teens

  • Gift cards, gift cards, and more gift cards – For tweens, get them to their favorite stores or Amazon. For teens (especially those of driving age), get fast food or gas gift cards (Amazon still is a great choice for this age group too!)
  • Money – What tween or teen doesn’t love cash
  • Outings – Similar to elementary age pick an experience they will love – you could even give a weekend trip to somewhere they’d enjoy or have always wanted to visit

For experiences listed above you can still make it something they can unwrap. For example, print the tickets and get something related to or a souvenir from that place and wrap it up together.

Presents for Adults

It always seems the older everyone gets the harder it is to buy presents for them. That’s yet another reason experience gifts are so great! It’s not only a gift but a way to make memories. Gift cards are also great for adults so they can select what they really want or need.

Adult Children

  • Gift cards – Focus on their favorite restaurants, grocery stores, and clothing stores/boutiques
  • Concert tickets – Give the gift of music to their favorite musician or band’s upcoming concert
  • Spa Day – Being an adult is stressful, get them a gift card for a local spa or take them on a spa day


  • Game day tickets – Get them tickets to see their favorite sports team play
  • Couples massage – Relax and bond together with a couples massage
  • Ultimate date night – Get tickets for and plan an ultimate date night agenda (think favorite bar, axe throwing, concert, etc.)


  • Classes – Get them an experience that is something fun they would enjoy and maybe always wanted to learn, such as a cooking, pottery, or painting class
  • Tickets – Whether it is a concert, musical, or sports game, get them tickets to an event you know they would enjoy
  • Personalized puzzles – Use one of the many online custom gift sites to create a puzzle with a photo of their kids and/or grandkids


  • Concert tickets – Since they are your friends you likely know what music and bands they love
  • Winery or brewery event – Get them tickets to a fun local winery or brewery event (there are tons throughout the Triad)
  • Gift cards – Get ones from their favorite local restaurants or boutiques


  • Gift cards – Some of the best gift card options for teachers are to spas, bookstores, local shops, or coffee shops
  • School supplies – Teachers spend so much on supplies from their own money so ask them what they need/want and get them that (they are sure to appreciate it)
  • Lunch – Before break bring them in a lunch from a local restaurant or café (just be sure to check about food allergies or restrictions)


  • Pottery mugs – Find some cool or funky ones made by local artists or ones customized to something they love or their name
  • Movie tickets or gift cards – Who doesn’t love the movies after all
  • Gift cards – Pick ones to their favorite restaurants or cafes

We hope these gift ideas help you select some fun gifts for all the special ones in your life! Happy shopping! Comment below with some of your favorite gift ideas.

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