By Katie Moosbrugger

Do you ever feel the squeeze? You know…that feeling you get when you have a million things piled on your plate and that pile just keeps growing and growing? Everything takes priority and has to be done yesterday. You jump through a million little hoops to conquer your “To Do” list, yet one item keeps getting overlooked – no matter how important it is to your busy family – and no matter how many times you promise it will get done. We’re talking housework.

That dirty little word creeps into the back of our minds every week, and whether we ignore it or embrace it, it will never go away. Fortunately, there’s a great little business right here in the Triad that can help ease your mind, stress and busy schedule. It’s called TL Cleaning. (TL Cleaning is also looking to hire part-time employees. Contact information at the end of this blog!)

TL Cleaning is a locally owned and operated Professional Cleaning Service. Tina Plummer and her team have been providing high quality cleaning to Winston Salem and the surrounding communities since 2008. Everyone on her staff is carefully screened, trained, and efficient. TL Cleaning is also a distributor of its ECO Concepts Cleaning Chemicals.

I’ve had the pleasure of having Tina and her team clean my house for special occasions. But “clean” is not the best word to use to describe her services. They literally “polished” my house. It sparkled in places that I never knew could. And just recently Tina and her team lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. I had to leave town for two days while my husband and children stayed home. But when I came back, I was going to have to greet a house full of out-of-town company as soon as I walked through the door. I had an “Aha” moment, and booked TL Cleaning to come to my house before all our guests arrived. Not only was I relieved, but also my husband (he did not want the cleaning responsibility!) TL Cleaning cleaned our four bedroom house in less than four hours and for more than reasonable pricing.

Providing personalized service is paramount to Tina and her crew. Tina schedules the same person or team to clean your home each time. She believes this maintains accountability for her staff members, consistency in your service, and a comfortable feeling of security for the homeowner. Tina personally supervises each team member, conducts all in-home and over-the-phone estimates/quotes, and is available to all of her clients for any questions or concerns.

Unlike other cleaning services, you can book TL Cleaning just one time, or you can book them weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or just on special occasions. The same team will clean your home no matter how frequently or infrequently you use them, and if it’s not possible to send the same team, Tina will notify you beforehand.

TL Cleaning offers two types of residential cleaning: General Cleaning and Deep Cleaning. You can click here to get descriptions of each type. If you own a business and need someone to help clean the office, TL Cleaning provides Commercial Services too.

To learn even more about TL Cleaning, and get some cleaning tips from the pros, visit TL Cleaning’s web site at For free in-home estimates – or to find out more about the part-time employment opportunities with TL Cleaning – call Tina directly at (336) 391-0049, or email her

So the next time you are feeling that squeeze, consider TL Cleaning to help take some weight off your plate. In fact, setting up an on-going relationship with Tina and her crew (to clean weekly or monthly) will probably completely cure that “squeeze” feeling for good!

Leave a comment below if you’ve used TL Cleaning as well!

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