Parents of high school seniors are dabbing away tears as they prepare for this next month.  Over the next few weeks, their baby won’t feel like their baby anymore!  Our hope is that most of these graduating seniors will head off to some sort of college, graduate with honors and become instant millionaires with perfect spouses and children, but we know that can be far from reality.

I had to laugh when I heard a comedian remark, “Have you ever heard a graduation speech that really changed your life?”  “Was little Johnny who made D’s all through high school so inspired by the guest speaker that he entered college and graduated with a 4.0?”  How true.  I often wonder if these teens listen at all to what the guest speakers have to say.  I wonder what words of advice would really inspire an 18 year old?  What would they truly take to heart?

If your child is graduating this year, what words of advice will you give them?  If your child is no where near graduation, what do you think you will say to them when their graduation year rolls around?  What words of advice do you think will stick with them?

Right now, I think the best advice I would give my children would be, “Work hard and play harder … but don’t play as hard as your Dad did!’  🙂

Share your words of advice for the Class of 2011 below!