By Robin Bralley, Publisher of Forsyth Family Magazine

Well, it’s finally here! The month I have been dreading for the past year and the month my daughter has been dreaming of for the past year. Yes, it’s time for high school graduation. For those who have gone there before me…I commend you. Please tell me I will survive it. Tell me I won’t cry every time I pass her room, come the end of August. Tell me like all the other parenting milestones…this too shall pass.

Some days I barely think about it and others, I feel paralyzed by what lies before me. Don’t get me wrong, I am so thankful and happy to have a child who has goals and dreams in life. A strong-willed daughter who will have no trouble making her way in this great, big world without me beside her each step of the way. But I will miss her greatly! Telling her to have a great day each morning as she leaves for school. Hearing her rant and rave about what has happened to her that day. Giving her a hug each night before she goes to sleep and then sneaking in to kiss her on the head each night as she sleeps. I will miss all the little things of everyday life without her here in our home.

Preparing for graduation has brought one thing to my attention and I must pass along this piece of advice to all parents immediately! I especially speak to those parents with new little ones. Have a good camera at all times! Do whatever you have to in order to have one (except shoplifting, of course). Seriously, go in debt for it if you must. You can’t put a value on having great pictures to look back at and reminisce over. They will never be that age again.

Take a photography class and really learn how to use that good camera as well. Keep them organized so you can easily go back and do something with them later. Then, when you are like me with your child graduating and you’re trying to find photos for this and for that…you will be prepared and will have one less stress to deal with. Trust me, you’ll have enough other stresses going on! (Note to grandparents…this is an ideal gift for your children!)

If you have a son or daughter graduating this week, please share with us how you are handling it! And if you have been in this position before, please tell us how you survived!

* This blog also ran in Forsyth Family’s June Issue as Robin’s “From the Heart” article.