By Rachel Hoeing

In today’s spotlight:

  • Finding the best healthcare at Brenner Children’s
  • Win a $50 Rockin Jump Gift Card
  • Treating Sun Damage
  • November Festivals
  • Sharing TMoM with Others


Finding the best healthcare at Brenner Children’s

Brenner Children’s knows that as a parent, you will do anything to ensure your child receives the very best healthcare, and you can count on them to share that same commitment. From birth to graduation, from routine checkups to medical breakthroughs, surround yourself with a team that’s there every step of the way.

For over thirty years, Brenner has been dedicated to meeting the unique and individual needs of the families of Northwest North Carolina. Their network of locations, pediatric expertise, and top ranked physicians and nurses ensure that you and your child are well taken care of. Because while they are constantly innovating, they will never stop caring. This is a community connected by care.

Visit for more information.


WIN a $50 Gift Card to Rockin’ Jump

Our last “Facebook Love” contest went so well that we are doing it again! (Congrats to Courtney Wilson who won for the month of October!)

During the month of November, any time you like, comment, or share one of our Facebook posts, you will get an entry into this November Facebook Love contest. Our team will be keeping a tally of our fans who are showing us plenty of Facebook Love!

At the end of the month, we will give away a $50 Rockin’ Jump gift card to one lucky TMoM fan by choosing a random entry. (The more you interact, the more entries you receive!) Questions? Email

Visit our Facebook FAN Page HERE to start liking, sharing, and commenting! (Note – we also have a CHAT page, but this is not part of the contest.)


Fall is the Time to Treat Sun Damage

Summer has come and gone, and as fall starts to bring cooler weather, some remnants of the summer just won’t fade like your tan did. All your summer fun might have left you with dark spots, fine lines and other signs of sun damage.  Sun damaged skin typically shows the characteristics of dryness, sunburn, dark spots, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, blood vessels and actinic keratosis (small bumps within the skin only removable by medication). 

Lasers can also treat a lesser-known effect of sun damage — tiny broken blood vessels around the nose and middle of the face. 

Through the use of laser skin treatments, Carolina Laser can help you actually reverse the damage caused by the sun’s rays. The result takes years off your appearance, and reduces the potential for more serious skin conditions down the road.

Please call (336) 659-2663 or visit for more information.


November Festivals, Fairs & Holiday Markets 2018

Every November, you can always find a seasonal festival or fair happening in our area. Plus, as we get ready for the holidays, special sales and markets are popping up too! This directory focuses on all of these types of events happening in November (in chronological order by week) throughout the Triad and nearby.

Don’t forget: all of these events are also listed on our Event Page. We are still adding to this list, so if your favorite November festival, fair or holiday market is not included, please email to get it added.

Visit our November Festival directory here!


Let Us Share TMoM With Your Friends

Are you part of a group of moms who get together for meetings or fellowship? TMoM would love to stop by your meeting and spend 10 – 15 minutes telling moms about all the FREE resources we offer on our website. Simply email and we will coordinate with you!

  • Today’s blog is sponsored by Carolina Laser. 


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