By Guest Blogger Jake Stephens, Associate Director of Adventure and Conferences for YMCA Camp Hanes

When you think of adventure, what are the first things that come to mind?  Those answers vary greatly between parents and campers.  Luckily, we at YMCA Camp Hanes have made both sides work together in a great way.  Through three different adventure programs, there are several trip options that head out of Camp Hanes during the summer!  Our three programs include the Mountain Adventure, Coastal Adventure, and Rock Climbing Adventure.  Each of these programs offer a different experience for campers in regards to the activities enjoyed, and the time spent on Camp Hanes property.  The Camp Hanes Adventure program is for ages 12-15 and if approved by the Adventure Director, ages 10-11.

camp hanes 3The Mountain Adventure program was our pioneer and original program for teens.  Campers that join us for the Mountain Adventure experience both off site adventure and traditional on site fun.  Leaving on Sunday, this group will head to the Mountains of Tennessee to go whitewater rafting and caving with USA Raft until Wednesday.  Once back to Camp Hanes, this group will have the opportunity to choose traditional camp activities to participate in until pick up on Friday.

The Coastal Adventure program is going into its third summer after two very successful years.  Campers that join us for the Coastal Adventure experience will head out on Sunday and return to Camp Hanes on Friday in time for pick up.  These campers will be traveling to Wilmington, NC to meet our representative from Expedition Organization, a local outfitter and guide service.  While in Wilmington, campers will kayak around three different islands in the Cape Fear River Basin and camp primitively on one of them for two nights!  After leaving the island, campers will camp at a State Park for the remainder of the trip while enjoying different activities around Wilmington like the Fort Fisher Aquarium and the North Carolina Battleship.  They will also go on another Kayaking trip in either the marshy area by the battleship or in the intercoastal.

camp hanes 2The Rock Climbing Adventure Program is also entering its third summer in hopes to continue its past success!  Campers that join us for the Rock Climbing Adventure experience will spend the week learning the art of rock climbing.  Our staff members will teach participants about the ins and outs of rock climbing, including knot tying and techniques.  These campers will have the opportunity to do some climbing on our elements at camp, as well as on natural surfaces at Hanging Rock, Pilot Mountain, and the Sauratown Mountain.  Camping at Camp Hanes each night and commuting to climbing sites daily, offer participants the traditional camp evening programming while taking on the adventurous twist during the day.

All YMCA Camp Hanes Adventure staff members are certified in CPR, First Aid, Emergency Oxygen, Lifeguarding, High Ropes, and Wilderness First Aid.  In addition to the certifications, our staff members are picked with purpose to provide campers with a fun and safe adventure experience.

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