By Kathryn Pepper, author of Destination Craft

Halloween time isn’t really known for gift giving, but I feel like Halloween kind of kicks off the holiday season. First it’s Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas… so why not celebrate the start of the holiday season by giving a gift! Below I feature three crafts that you can either give away or keep for yourself. Either way, they make for great decorations this time of year!

One of my favorite recipe blogs is Chef in Training and she has a delicious recipe for Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Pudding Cookies. When you layer the ingredients (well, most of them) in a jar, it looks cute and makes a fun but not too spooky neighbor gift.  So here’s what I did…

It’s all about the layers & packing in each layer. Packing it in ensures that
all the layers will fit.

Start off with the flour. You’ll need 2 1/4 cups, all packed in nice and tight.
Second layer is the brown sugar. You’ll need 3/4 cup. Remember, pack it in!

Third layer is a couple of them together. I put the sugar (1/4 cup),
then the baking soda on top of that (1 teaspoon), and a small package of
Pumpkin Spice pudding on top of that.

The final layer is the chocolate chips. You’ll need a cup, unless you can
fit more, in which case, more chocolate chips is always good!

That’s all the layering you do! It’s such a simple gift and it
would really make your neighbor’s day.

I added some tags to write the baking directions on them.
You’ll have to make sure to include the ingredients that aren’t in the jar, like the eggs,
vanilla, and butter on the tag so they know what they’ll need to make the cookies.
I also got some Halloween fabric to add to the top of the jar, which adds a cute Halloween-y touch.

Candy Corn Jars

A couple of weeks ago I participated in a Halloween series hosted by Katie{did}it. I shared my Candy Corn Jars and today I wanted to share them with you! I hope you love them as much as I do!!

I bought these adorable jars at a shop called Christmas Tree Shops
but I’m sure you could find similar ones at a dollar store.
They kind of reminded me of little candy corns.
Then I found these M & M’s at Wal-Mart and I was so thrilled!
I thought they’d look adorable in my jars. PLUS they’re delicious 🙂
I just layered the Candy Corn M&Ms into the jars to mimic a real candy corn,
added BOO with the help of my Cricut, and glued some ribbon around the top.

And now I have adorable candy jars on my shelves
reminding me it’s Halloween time!!


Candy Corn Wreath

My good friend Emily had a fun craft she wanted us to do. She was inspired by this from Woman’s Day magazine:

Soooo…we started!Emily bought small wicker-ish wreaths from the dollar store. We covered them
up with some black tape we found at Ace Hardware.

Then we hot glued candy corn onto the taped wreath.
(Note: Use hot glue! No other kind of glue works!)

Pretty wreath!