Lord. I have some stories to share today that will make your cheeks burn from blushing. I’m talking about getting caught in the “act” – whether it’s happened to you as a parent or – gasp! – you catching your own parents woo hooing!

A group of us were giggling over such stories we heard from others, and it made us wonder if this happens often. Like this one a friend shared: She knows of a mom who decided to have a little Saturday morning romp in the hay with her husband. When they were done, the mom got up to use the bathroom and then heard her son (8 years old) crying, and saw him crawl out from under the bed. Evidently he and his siblings had been playing Hide ‘n Go Seek, and once he was in his spot and figured out that something was going on above him, he was too scared to come out! Needless to say, they had the birds and bees talk that day!

Keep reading because I have more awkward stories to share. And if you’re brave, we’d love for you to chime in. Of course you can comment anonymously (be sure not to fill in your email address or name when commenting). Or you can be brazen like me and share your friends’ stories on their behalf!

This next story mortified me, yet it makes me laugh every time I think of it. One of my friends was “engaged” with her husband in the early morning hours when her high-school aged son casually walked in. Thankfully they had the covers pulled up around them, but their son (not realizing he interrupted anything) continued to talk to them while mom and dad were stuck in a precarious position. Afterwards, my friend, who was distressed for days after the event, had her sister come over so the three of them (my friend, her husband, and the sister) could “roll play” the situation. The sister pretended to be the son walking in on the couple in bed – and my friend and her husband got under the covers and in similar position – just to be assured that what the son saw wasn’t so devastating.

Another friend told me how she walked in on her own parents – in a scenario very similar to the story I just shared. She was in high school and came home after being out with friends. Her older sister was in college, so her parents had the house to themselves. When she got home, she ran upstairs and burst into her parents’ room to tell them about her exciting night. To her surprise, both parents were under the covers but she could see their bare shoulders which was odd because not even her father slept without an undershirt on. To add insult to injury, she noticed her mom was lying on the bed without any pillows behind her head, yet her dad had three stacked behind his head. Hmmm.

And then there’s the story I heard of a mom who was otherwise occupied with her husband when they thought their kids were out with the grandparents. But in the midst of their romp, the mom happened to look up and she saw her young daughter standing in the doorway with tears in her eyes – and her in-laws were standing at the bottom of the steps. Yikes.

So there you have it. Those are my awkward stories. I bet you’re thinking, “Why did you share all that?” And yet, I’m thinking, “I can’t believe I had all that to share!” Now it’s your turn. Have you – or someone you know- ever been caught in the act? Will you share your awkward story with us? Don’t forget to consider being anonymous!