By TMoM Team Member Rachel Hoeing

In case you’ve missed it, we wanted to be sure our readers knew that we have added another way to feel connected and find resources as a parent in the Triad! TMoM launched our new podcast series, “Triad Moms on the Mic” this spring! Just like our daily blogs, the topics are fun, useful, informative, and cover a wide range of parenting topics!

While it was supposed to be an in-person recording, COVID had other plans, and our team has been recording from their respective homes over the past few months. Although some of them had never even met in person previously, they have formed a fun bond that you will surely enjoy while listening.

Our podcast is brought to you by Triad Podcast Network and features four amazing local moms who have been part of the TMoM team from anywhere from 8 years, to just 6 months. These women are Kodia (mom to a newborn and a toddler), Laura D (mom to a one year old), Kelly (mom to a 10 year old, 13 year old, and college student), and Laura S (mom to a 7, 5 and 2 year old). You can find out even more about these lovely ladies by visiting our team page here.

Each podcast is anywhere from 30 – 50 minutes and will focus on a specific parenting or mom-related topic. Listen while you’re in the car, on a walk, doing chores around the house, or simply relaxing! Our readers have truly enjoyed hearing different perspectives from each of the team members when it comes to the stage of parenting (or adulthood) they are currently in. We hope their podcasts give you some time to laugh, learn, and know you are never alone in your parenting journey!

Our topics have ranged from great day trip ideas to favorite recipes and books! We have also enjoyed hosting guests, like our TMoM Team Member, Dennette Bailey, who shared some fabulous tips on talking to your children about race.

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You can also view and listen to all of our episodes below!

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