By Guest Blogger Sandy Harper

Experts say that crafting can help with anxiety and depression while also easing stress, and increasing happiness. Give yourself a few hours to decompress and try your hands at something new by creating one or more of these beautiful eggs!

I love how simple and fun this spring craft is to make. This is also a perfect craft to do with older kids, and is a great way to get them away from “screens!” Once complete, you can use these string eggs for decoration or a fun surprise on Easter morning.


Embroidery thread or yarn

Mod podge, liquid starch, wood glue, or home made paste

Water balloons or regular balloons

Candy (Hersey Kisses, little chocolate eggs, etc.)

Decorative ribbon (Optional)

Step 1

Place a few pieces of candy into a deflated balloon. I choose how many pieces of candy based on the size of the balloon. I suggest blowing the balloon up first and then letting the air back out. Stretching the balloon like this makes it easier to put the candy inside.

Note this step is optional. If you choose to use these eggs for a lengthy springtime decoration, you may not want to add candy.

Step 2

Blow up balloons and tie them off.

Step 3

Pour your adhesive agent into a bowl. I chose to create a homemade paste. It is much like how you would make piñata paste. To make it, mix 1 cup of all-purpose flour with 1 cup of water. Whisk together and slowly add more water until you get glue like texture.


Step 4

This step gets messy. I advise putting down some newspaper or plastic on top of your workspace. Place your embroidery sting or yarn into the paste. Make sure to coat the entire piece of string.


Step 5

Here is another chance to be creative with your egg design. You can place your string in any pattern you would like. The photos below are two examples of how you can place your string.


Step 6

Now it is dry time! Hang your balloon up and let it dry for half a day or overnight.

Step 7

Once the stings are completely dry, carefully pop the balloon. You can use tweezers to pull the broken balloon out from between the strings. There will be some dried pieces of the paste left. I used the tweezers to carefully chip it away.

Step 8

This last step is optional. You can add decorative ribbon for extra beauty and texture to your string eggs.

These string eggs are beautiful placed in a decorative bowl, used for an Easter egg hunt or as part of Easter baskets. Happy Easter!


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