By Guest Blogger Sandy Harper

Here is a great way to dress up and personalize any plain ball ornaments you may have hanging around your tree. Below are five easy-to-follow instructions (if you want to print this out for the kids) along with a photo to illustrate each step. I hope you enjoy this simple – and inexpensive – craft that the kids are sure to love. Happy holidays!

Materials needed
Acrylic paint, glass or plastic ball ornament, fine tip paint brush, small paint sponge, Sharpie or paint pen, ribbon

Step One
Start with making sure your ornament is clean and dust free. Using the white paint, coat you child’s fingers. I chose to paint four fingers because there are four of us. It is up to you as to how many snowmen you want to create.

If you don’t want to use your child’s fingers, you can use your own. I would paint one adult finger and place it down for each individual snowman.

Step Two
Then use a paintbrush or sponge to create white snow on the ground. I used a fine tip brush to paint falling snow. Now it’s time to let it dry.

Time for the fun creative details!

Step Three
You can either let the kids help or take this part on yourself. Here you can add a carrot nose, and coal eyes and mouth. Then you can paint on colorful scarves and hats. Don’t forget their stick arms!

Now let them dry again.

Step Four
Once the paint has dried you can write a name or message on the back. I chose to write the child’s name that matched the finger prints. However, you could write your family’s last name or a special message. I used a Sharpie but you could also use a paint pen.

One more time, let them dry.

Step Five
Finally I tied a bow at the top of the ornament using ribbon. Now you have a special personalized ornament for your tree or for a gift.