by Kristen Bagwell, Triangle Moms on Main

For some reason, it’s always difficult to come up with gift ideas for the men on my list. Either they “don’t need anything” (my dad) or say something like “oh, I’ll like whatever you get me” Not exactly helpful…but the list below may give you some ideas. These are unique and sometimes silly items that will be conversation pieces if nothing else, and most of them are under $25.

And don’t forget to look back at all the other gift idea posts we’ve run this Gift Giving Week week, including Personalized Holiday Gift Ideas for Mom and Dad, 20 Holiday Gift Ideas Under $20, and Personalized Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids and Teens. And there’s more to come…stay tuned! Happy shopping!

Beard Head Hats

When I saw these hats, I laughed out loud. Doesn’t everyone know a man who will find this kind of gift hilarious? Available on both and, the Wacky Hat Masks come in several varieties, including Grandpa’s Beard (shown), Pirate, Prospector a la Toy Story 3, and more. Fun and affordable at $24.95 before shipping.

iPhone case bottle opener

Here’s a sneaky and fun gift…Does your man like to fool people at parties? Try this iPhone case bottle opener  for just $19.99 on Made to look like an iPhone, there’s a hidden top-popper located on the back side of this “phone.” Imagine his friends’ surprise when he goes to open a bottle with his phone! This one will be entertaining to tease the kids as well.

Sports Lover’s Book

This next idea is a little less silly…it’s a book for the true sports lover called In Praise of Athletic Beauty  and costs $24.95 online. Check out the description from

“By the hundreds of millions we show up, stand in line, turn on, and tune in to watch, mesmerized, as athletes perform. And yet this experience, so widely craved and intensely felt, we commonly dismiss as “only a game.” A book that looks beyond the usual explanations of why sports fascinates, In Praise of Athletic Beauty also strives for a language that can frame–even enhance –the pleasure we take in watching athletic events.

The vicarious thrill, anxiety release, competitive spirit: in place of these traditional answers to the mystery of sports’ allure, Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht proposes a more powerful and provocative alternative.”   Interesting, no?

Bone Suckin Sauce

In the category of “What man would refuse a BBQ gift?” we’ve selected Raleigh’s own Bone Suckin Sauce. Since 1987, Ford’s Gourmet Foods has offered Bone Suckin Sauce, and has expanded their line to include teriyaki and mustard sauces, rubs for poultry and ribs, and much more (think beef jerky and flavored peanuts). In addition, all of the Bone Suckin products are all natural, contain no high fructose corn syrup, no preservatives & are gluten free. (They were recently a Honoree of the year at Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University.)

Bone Suckin products are available at the State Farmers Market in Raleigh, or online Check out their gift basket options – there are a ton of great choices, affordably priced, and they ship very quickly. (The customer service is fantastic too, should you need them.) A great option for both local and out of town men on your list!

Face-Saving Shaving Products

One of the commercials that always makes me feel “holiday” is the Gilette razor commercial with Santa sailing by in the snow, presumably on a razor. If that is up your man’s all, there are a ton of unique options in all price ranges at Select from many different varieties of traditional straight razors, or choose a gift set of shaving cream, applicator brush, soap, and after-shave balm.

Along these lines, one of my husband’s favorite gifts from my mom has been the travel shaving kit (aka his “dopp” kit. Why is it called that?!). His is from LL Bean, but there are tons of choices at places like Home Goods, TJ Maxx, etc.

“Daddy’s Crazy Tool”

We love Daddy’s Crazy Tool in our house. This one is the Leatherman Skeletool, and there are about eight different options available at Locally, Sears is a great spot for any kind of multi-function or all-purpose tool, and Brookstone usually has a few options as well. These are great for men who like to carry tools in their cars (or in their pockets) “just in case.”

Wine Tasting for less than $20

Think of this as a date in a box…from, the Laetitia sampler includes two tastes each of the beautifully balanced 2009 Estate Chardonnay, perfumed and ripe 2009 Estate Pinot Noir, and elegant and supple 2009 “Reserve du Domaine” Pinot Noir, all for $19.99 plus shipping. There are many other wine options if you’re interested, including other “tasting” samplers and full bottles.


Funny Kids’ Books
(for grown-ups only)

If you have a baby or toddler, your husband or partner may enjoy this children’s classic, Go the F*** to Sleep. Gifts.comalso offers some alternate (and equally funny) suggestions here. Of course, these are not to be read to children until they are sent off to college.

Whiskey stones

Serve your man a drink on the rocks – literally! These soapstone cubes are intended to chill scotch and other whiskey varieties to the perfect temperature. Just chill the cubes in the fridge, then drop them into your beverage. Available on Uncommon, the whiskey stones “…are ideal for drinking with high quality whiskey because they keep it at the perfect sipping temperature (50 degrees), whereas ice cubes can make the whiskey too cold and ruin the flavor.”

Starting at $19.50 for just the stones, there are several gift options available. (The book 101 Whiskies To Try Before You Die, available on, would be a good companion gift.)


Gift Baskets

If all else fails, go with a gift basket. offers a selection of “gift baskets for manly men” here. Many local stores offer gift baskets as well.