By Guest Blogger and Loyal Dream Dinners Customer Tina Kneisel

As a working mom with four children, my desire to come up with new and creative meals – and my fatigue at the end of the day – tend to battle with one another. This death fight often ends with a trip to a restaurant or a drive-through.Dream Dinners has helped me think a little less at the end of the day.

Tina’s Top Reasons for choosing Dream Dinners

– My planning is done when I defrost the meal the night before. Dream Dinners’ variety has taken us out of our rut and allowed me the creative options I like. I also enjoy exposing my children to new tastes and cooking styles.

– The meals are so easy to prepare that my children and husband can take over for me in the kitchen. Sometimes the meals are 100% made ahead and the disposable pan just needs to be popped in the oven. Other times, there may be minimal prep and a dish or two is needed to heat, fry, or bake.

– My waste has been significantly reduced. I tend to over-buy veggies and fresh herbs and then end up having to pitch some of them. Now, when I go to the grocery store, I am buying less and sticking to the things I know I will use quickly.

– Preparation at the Dream Dinners site has become an event in itself. My 15-year-old daughter loves to go with me and is nearly as efficient at the meal assembly as I am. My 9-year-old pines for the day she will be old enough to go along, too. And my son likes to look ahead to the meals for the next month and help me pre-order.

– With servings options for three or six, the meals can work for a small family, or a large family like mine. I also “stretch” the meals when we have family in town or guests at the table. There is typically enough sauce, marinade, coating, or “whatever” to add another chicken breast or more shrimp. I recently overheard one of my daughter’s friends say to her, “Wow! Does your Mom always make everything homemade?” I loved it!

– Also, Dream Dinners has an excellent reward program and I’m now in the VIP Program which gives me a 10% discount every time I order! That discount gives me even more of a reason to be consistent!

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