When a group of moms get together we spend a lot of time talking about our kids, our homes, our husbands, and our daily nuances.  Sometimes the women in the group are truthful and sometimes … not so much.  So today, we are ready to get down to the nitty gritty and find out the truth about some of the things moms deal with on a day-to-day basis.

I have created a survey with 25 questions about your life.  These questions are COMPLETELY anonymous.  We will not ask for a name or email, and there is not a way for us to trace your email either.  So please be honest, but also feel free to skip a question if you are not comfortable answering it.

Our goal?  To help some of us just feel normal!  We want to see if other women out there are truly the “perfect” moms and wives they claim to be, or if we all have some faults, quirks, and things we can improve upon.  I will keep this survey up for a couple weeks, so please pass it along to your friends.  The more moms we get to answer, the more accurate our responses will be.  Then I will post the results on our website so we all can see how normal (or not normal) we may be!

OK, ladies, so have at it!  Be honest and have fun!  All of these are meant to be light-hearted, so please keep that in mind!CLICK HERE to take the survey!

**** Don’t forget to send in your nominations or the Choice Awards!  Nominations will end on Friday, so check your newsletter to receive the survey link.  If you are not a newsletter subscriber, be sure to register TODAY.  The final survey link will be sent out this afternoon.