I’m on a kick to streamline my life. It seems as much as I try to organize, I keep getting buried under paperwork, laundry piles, dishes, outdated or outgrown clothes, deadlines, and just plain junk. You’d think after doing this job called “Mom” for years and years, things would get easier but they continue to get more complicated.

I know I’m not alone in this dilemma. We all face many of these same challenges on different scales. So I thought it would be helpful to all of us to discover the best – and most efficient – ways to get some of these day-to-day chores done. To start, I created a survey with 21 questions about things that most of us do on a regular basis. Some of these may be “chores” to you but enjoyment to others. Some of these “chores” may be no-brainers to you but a challenge to others. To make things easy,  I am calling them all “chores” on the survey – no matter how frustrating or easy they may be. Then at the end of each question, I included a box for you to write about your “Aha” moment – something you discovered that helped you simplify a particular “chore.”

In early March, I will compile the results and run them on the site, including some of your “Aha” moments! Feel free to share this post and survey with your friends; the more who answer the better the results!

Now raise your mops and click here to take this short survey! If you have other sources of organizational frustration in your home, leave a comment below to tell us what that is – and how you are managing it!

You might remember Rachel’s “How Often Do You” survey she ran last year asking similar life experience questions. Clickhere to see the results, and to remind yourself that no one is a “perfect” mother or wife…we all have something we can improve upon. So let’s use today’s survey to discover ways to improve the organization in our lives while also knowing we’re not alone in these battles!

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