By TMoM Team Member Dennette Bailey

If you are following my blogs this year, you know the theme is to have a positive and impactful life. This month we will address this theme by acknowledging five ways we can be impactful in our towns and cities.

The July 4th holiday is an excellent opportunity to express an appreciation for our freedoms and civil liberties. We can make a positive impact by helping organizations in our cities that directly support others insignificant ways. You might consider researching what agencies in your city could really use your assistance. Consider incorporating the July 4th theme in these top five ideas:

1 – Local Library

Develop a library project with your family, children, or group wherein red, white, and blue are at the center of your creativity. Children can decorate red, white, and blue cards and members of the town can donate money or gift cards to go along with these cards which could support the children’s library department, for example. Your group could also create red, white, and blue art to display at the library. This might encourage the city to come out to the library to see the art and become a consistent supporter of the library by joining their “Friends of the Library” groups, for example.

2 – Food Pantry

Consider donating a box of food with a July 4th theme. Have students gather red, white, and blue foods to donate to the local food pantry. Even young children can participate in this festive donation.

3 – Neighborhood Clean Project

July 4th is an excellent opportunity to plant red, white, and blue flowers throughout the city. Make an effort to beautify and inspire people to get involved in keeping the neighborhood clean and vibrant.

4 – Medical Resource Center Volunteer

It is probable your town has resources (such as community college dental programs or volunteer dentists at a local church) where people can obtain free or reduced medical or dental care in their community. Research these agencies and consider donating your time. Get creative and donate red, white, and blue toothbrush/toothpaste sets for children who need them. Consider attaching a friendly poem that encourages the children and families to appreciate the freedoms they have.

5 – City Recreation Center

The local recreation center in your town or city is always in need of extra assistance. Donating red, white, and blue outdoor toys such as balls, bubbles and jump ropes, for example, would be appreciated and offer an opportunity to remind children of the freedoms they have in the great United States of America. The July 4th theme can also be utilized to inform the town about resources and activities provided by the recreation center.

An impactful town starts with just one person who asks another person to help them, help the town. Shared citizenship builds strong and resilient towns. Make this July 4th fun and positively impactful by observing freedom and helping people become and stay strong and resilient.

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