By Suzy Fielders

As moms we worry about our children constantly. We even worry about what will happen to them after we are no longer around. While it’s a given that the last thing we want for them to be is alone aka an orphan, many are unaware of how startling the statistics regarding orphans really are*.

~ There are approximately 153 million orphans in the world – with around 120,000 in the US and another over 400,000 children without permanent families
~ Every single year, over 27,000 children “age out” of foster care – after which they have no emotional or financial support to make it in life, in fact almost 25% do not even have a high school diploma or GED
~ Children raised in orphanages have an IQ 20 points lower than those in foster care
~ The time a child waits to be adopted in foster care is currently over three years

Now as mothers we have a chance to be a part of helping orphans – by raising awareness and funds.

Director Zach Brown, who currently lives in LA but is originally from Winston Salem, plans on returning to make a film here in Winston Salem. The Moleskin Diary is an inspiring story about how far someone will go for their family. This film centers on main character Adrian (played by British actor Jack Turner) who grew up as an orphan with his sister. As an adult he becomes a famous photographer living a party animal lifestyle with his girlfriend Liz (played by Julia Voth). His life gets turned upside down after the unexpected death of his sister. He must sacrifice life as he knows it in order to keep his 9-year old niece, Maddy (played by Hannah Stock), out of a children’s home.

So not only does this tell a moving story revolving around orphans but best of all 10% of all profits will go towards a charity to help orphaned children.

Brown, Director of The Moleskin Diary, chimes in on making a story about orphans, “Being a godfather or a godmother is a role that many of us are proud to take on. As brothers/sisters, close friends, or distant relatives, we all take on the role with pleasure and high hopes that we never have to actually cash in on it. That’s what The Moleskin Diary is about. A guy who has no place in his life for a kid but after he loses his sister he is the only person between his 9 year old niece and a children’s home. It’s a beautiful story about a man who just wants to do the right thing.”

Turner, who plays the male lead Adrian, gave this insight on the movie and his role playing an orphan, “I think this movie explores the relationship between parents and children in a really new and provocative way. The two leads, an adult and a child, are orphans, and the movie investigates the need for connection in both of them. It’s a really fascinating two way dynamic, that’s underpinned by the yearning and loss instilled in them by their upbringing. At first the adult reluctantly thinks he’s the one investing in the relationship, but we start to see that he’s receiving as much as he is giving, which is a powerful message that goes beyond orphans to explore the nature of human connection. I’m thrilled to be a part of it.”

In order for this movie to happen here in Winston Salem they must raise their budget first. They are asking for people to pledge any amount to help fund this movie, but for only $10 you can pre-order your copy of The Moleskin Diary. Those who chose to do this will receive a digital download of the film one week BEFORE it’s released! There are also other pledge levels that unlock all kinds of fantastic rewards. To pre-order the movie or pledge visit:

Having another movie filmed in Winston Salem is also a great opportunity for the Triad. Additionally, there are several supporting roles, extras and crew that will be needed for the film. One local boy, Elliot Sancrant has already been cast. His mother Abbie is the well known local blogger of So for those in the area that would like to try out their acting skills this is just that chance.

Winston Salem Mayor Allen Joines even commented on this film coming to the area, “The film industry is a very important part of Winston Salem economic recovery. These films result in significant spending in our local economy and help to create jobs. Winston Salem is very honored to have this new film, The Moleskin Diary, being shot here in our community.”

For more information on the cast, film, to pre-order your copy of the film or make a pledge visit Don’t forget to ‘like’ them on Facebook  or follow on Twitter @moleskindiary.

*Statistics from Congressional Coalition On Adoption Institute: