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As a mother, your investing needs are as unique as your children. You probably have many long-term goals and even more day-to-day financial demands. So where do you start? The Kensington Financial Group can help. A financial advisor will meet with you face to face to talk about where you stand now and where you want to be in the future. That way, we can understand what you’re trying to achieve and help you get there. But why choose Kensington Financial Group?

Nearly 60% of those in a recent Forbes survey said they had “lost faith” in the market. Obviously most investors are very frustrated and don’t know what to do.  The Covered Call strategy we use at Kensington Financial Group will help you conservatively generate more income and offer protection during these ugly markets. Suze Orman, loved or hated, does know the investment world and has said this about the Covered Call: “I love Covered Call writing… Fabulous thing to do. I’ve done it all my life.” -Suze Orman, The Suze Orman Show CNBC. For more, you can Google “Suze Orman Covered Call”. To contact Kensington Financial Group, call (336) 712-9743.

The Kensington Financial Group is a privately held corporation that provides comprehensive investment solutions. Our client’s are offered a full range of investment and financial advisory alternatives to meet their objectives through research, investment consulting, asset and fiduciary management, all of which are provided by a team of seasoned professionals dedicated only to the management of their client’s assets and their associated needs. We are located at 110 Oakwood Drive, Suite 550 in Winston-Salem.

Also making headlines, is Nick Nelson, one of our notable employees. Nick is running for Village Council in Clemmons. When asked why, he said, “There are four main reasons I want to serve. First, I’ve always been driven to make a positive impact and give back to the community that I call home. Second, to apply the knowledge I have gained from serving on three Civic Boards in Clemmons. Plus, I believe I can offer a fresh perspective. More importantly, in 20 years, I want to look back and know that I helped Clemmons continue to be a wonderful place to live and work.” For more information about Nick, you can visit http://PickNickNelson.com.