By Rachel Hoeing

On this holiday weekend, I thought it might be fun to run a “flashback” blog! This is one of the first blogs I wrote when we launched our website. It was written almost seven years ago! Some things from my list have changed, such as, I now have my ears pierced, and my kids don’t watch kid shows or listen to kid’s music any more. I’ve substituted “Word Whomp” with “Words with Friends” and “The Real Housewives” has taken the place of “The Hills.” I have now watched “Southern Momma” videos many more times than I ever watched the “Evolution of Dance.” And I think our new dog now gets the 100 kisses a day instead of my other “babies.” Other than that, most of these other random thoughts are still right on point for me. How about you?


Random ramblings, thoughts and concerns from an everyday mom. So today I am asking the question, “Is it just me?”

Is it just me who…

· Always gets mean looks from older ladies in the grocery store when I take my kids with me?
· Actually enjoys watching reruns of “Full House”?
· Is absolutely enamored by the muscles on the guy from the “Lazy Town” cartoon?
· Can drink two diet cokes and still fall right to sleep?
· Does not have my ears pierced?
· Is flattered when I get stares from construction workers in my mini-van?
· Misses the smell of a baby’s room?
· Consistently promises myself that tomorrow I will not just sit on the bench at the playground and will instead run around with my kids?
· Really wants to educate the country on the correct usage of “your” and “you’re”?
· Enjoyed wearing a bathing suit while I was pregnant because I was “large and in charge” and was not embarrassed about it?
· Now refers to people by their first, maiden and last name since that is how it is posted on Facebook?
· Literally hurts my kids when I hug them because they are so darn cute and I want to SQUEEZE them?
· Thinks Atari was better than Wii?
· Can watch the Evolution of Dance video a thousand times and still think it is funny every time?
· Enjoys embarrassing my kids?
· Kisses my children literally 100 times a day or more?
· Would lie in bed pretending to be sound asleep when the kids would wake up in the middle of the night and hope my husband would get up to check on them?
· Absolutely cannot remember what it was like to have a flat stomach?
· Doesn’t really understand the purpose of a rice cake?
· Never ever thought I would actually pick someone else’s nose until I became a mom?
· Majorly stresses over whether or not to send the kids to school when you can’t decide if they are getting sick?
· Wishes the “Land of the Lost” with Chaka and Sleestack was still on TV so my children could love it as much as I did?
· Thinks Chutes and Ladders can be the longest game on the face of the earth?
· Wishes the over-sized Forenza sweater would come back in style?
· Has kids that each have the potential to turn into a complete spaz by 7pm?
· Has dreams about PF Chang’s?
· Has been reprimanded by a complete stranger for making my son “walk too fast” in Target?
· Still uses the word Dude entirely too much?
· Is always talking to myself? Even in public?
· Laughed instead of reprimanded my toddler when he said, “oh sh*t!”?
· Does not understand how we are all still catching colds when everything we use kills 99.9% of germs?
· Always hopes my kids won’t finish their dessert so I can have it?
· Is scared to death of the teenage years?
· Thinks it is OK to eat most food that falls on the ground?
· Is still hoping to take piano lessons one day?
· Absolutely cannot stand the sound of someone’s teeth on a fork?
· Loves watching The Hills because it’s reality TV that is nothing like my reality?
· Loves the smell of rafts and inner tubes for the pool?
· Gets so excited when a Michael McDonald song comes on the radio?
· Gets teary-eyed when I watch my kids playing together and actually getting along?
· Has children who know every ice cream and bagel shop within a 10 mile radius of my house?
· Is very leery of people who whistle?
· Has absolutely no patience for waiting in line anymore?
· Had a Nana that always smelled like Sen-Sens and really misses that smell?
· Catches myself singing along to kids’ music even when there are no kids in the car?
· Will admit that I love to play Word Whomp?
· Never wants my kids to grow any older than they are at this very minute?
· Thinks nothing’s better than lying in the grass and looking up at the sky on an 80-degree day?
· Can’t stand when people talk to their children really loud on purpose so that people around will hear them and comment?
· Tells my kids they can’t have a quarter for the gumball machine but then turns around and gets an ice cream sundae for myself for $4.00?
· Thinks that Ruby on the “Max and Ruby” cartoon is really bossy?
· Is still pulling for Britney Spears?
· Really thinks we need a drive-thru post office?
· Thinks we have way too many options for schooling these days?
· Can’t stand when teenagers called me “ma’am”? Am I really that old?
· Heard my daughter’s four-year-old friend ask, “Why is your mom so grouchy”?

Thanks for letting me ramble. I would like to know if it really is just me!