Sponsored by Westchester Country Day School

From the moment we first lay eyes on our children, we see unlimited potential in them. As parents, our job is to provide them with every opportunity to excel: to inspire them to be the best they can be; to help them recognize and achieve the potential that lies within them.

But that can be difficult in many of today’s schools.

At Westchester Country Day School, we develop in children an enthusiasm for learning that leads to elevated academic performance and the achievement of their full potential. We think that children deserve a classroom environment in which they feel eager to engage and contribute. When students view learning as a joyful, lifelong process, they will grow and blossom as people, as intellectuals, as professionals, and one day, as parents themselves.

We use the word THRIVE to describe Westchester – it is an acronym for what we do best: teaching with focus, instilling scholarly habits, developing range, providing intimate classroom settings, sharing values, and creating a unique environment and culture.

This combination creates an exceptional educational experience that enables students to reach their academic and personal potentials. When children THRIVE, they learn more and, ultimately, become more.

Our teachers are more than instructors; they are role models whose love of learning is contagious and evident in all they do. We have filled our broad, liberal arts-based academic program with an outstanding variety of enrichment opportunities to give students the tools for achieving academic, artistic, athletic, and personal success.

Students are taught scholarly habits beginning in kindergarten. Sharing is something we stress not only as it pertains to objects, but also as it pertains to knowledge, insight, and understanding. Students are taught to take more responsibility for themselves as they move from the self-contained classrooms of Lower School into our rotating Middle School classes, where there is a different teacher for every subject.

In Upper School responsible citizenship is expected and preparation for college is paramount. Honors and Advanced Placement level courses further emphasize analysis, problem solving, and communication skills. Teachers enhance the learning process by providing individualized attention and by instilling efficient and effective study habits.

Westchester immerses its students in a rich, diverse community of learners who come from a wide range of faith families, backgrounds, and cultures. In this setting, our children are able to learn tolerance, respect, integrity, cooperation, and fairness in the classroom and beyond.

An intimate classroom environment and ample individual attention are fundamental to providing children with an exceptional and transformative education. At Westchester Country Day School, our average class size is 16 students. Every student is assured of receiving the one-on-one attention and instruction he or she needs to meet the expectations of our challenging curriculum.

We believe the results of our student-focused academic environment are most evident in our 100 percent college acceptance rate for graduating seniors. Supported by a faculty and staff uniquely in tune with their interests and strengths, and guided individually by an experienced college advisor, Westchester students approach the college admissions process confident of success.

While our Honor Code is the most obvious outward sign of our dedication to imparting traditional values such as honesty, kindness, selflessness, and respect for self and others, we believe that every facet of the Westchester experience provides teachable moments in which our students can discover the significance of these values.

One example of how we live and share our values is through service to others. Our community service programs include everything from tutoring at local public schools to visiting hospitals and senior citizens. This service to others — so critical to personal development — is at the heart of a Westchester senior’s final graduation requirement.

Nestled on a 53-acre wooded campus, Westchester Country Day School provides a nurturing, student-focused environment where children acquire the tools to unlock their innate potentials. Students, teachers, and parents support one another through the challenges and opportunities that an exceptional education presents.

The rigors of our college preparatory curriculum are balanced by the amenities we offer. These include healthful and varied lunches that feature vegetables grown here on campus by our students, flexible before- and after-school care, and academic and athletic summer enrichment programs.