By Katie Moosbrugger

How many times have you wondered whether your secret thoughts are shared by others? Or if you were crazy to make the decision that you did? Or if you are the only one who does some of the things you do?

We’ll, we’re here today to find out thanks to a fun little survey designed to measure our scruples – as moms, as wives, as friends, and as the good citizens we all know we are. Of course this is not a scientifically designed survey – it’s just a simple list of questions and scenarios – some of which may have come up in conversations you’ve had, while others you may have only seen on Lifetime TV!

A few things to note…

~ This survey is meant to be fun and not meant to offend. Hopefully you’ll get a kick out of participating – and when the results are revealed – maybe you’ll either be surprised or relieved that you are not the only one.

~ Please know you are not required to answer all the answers. If there is a question you do not feel comfortable answering, just skip it. Plus there will most likely be one or two questions that do not apply to you or your life – so just skip those too.

~ This survey is COMPLETELY anonymous. There is no option for you to enter a name or email address, so there is no way other readers – or anyone at TMoM – can identify your answers.

~ Try and be as honest as you can and answer as many of the questions as you can. We’ll keep this survey live for a few weeks, so please share it with friends. The more who respond, the more interesting the results will be.

~ Feel free to explain your answer or share a funny story about why you answered the way you did! At the end of every question is a comment box for you to expand on your answer within three lines of text. Just be sure not to use any names or details so you remain anonymous. Please only comment in the box if you are OK with us sharing your anonymous story with readers!

So let’s be honest, ladies! Tell us how you truly feel without the threat of judgment. Who knows, maybe this survey will help lift a weight off your shoulders today!

Click HERE to take the Be Honest survey!