By Julia Chandler

A strange thing happened tonight. I sat down, glass of Cabernet in hand, and watched the evening news. Alone. To start, I am usually running a carpool or making dinner, and I never see the evening news, much less know what current events are going on around me. Second, sitting down for thirty minutes straight only happens if I am driving to Greensboro, or further.

But today I was in the kitchen until 4:00 pm, the kids went home with friends and then straight to soccer this evening. After a very busy but great weekend, this is like a mini-vacation. They are not home yet, but that door will be creaking any moment as I type furiously with my thoughts in mind.

So I am watching the news and you know how the ending segment can sometimes choke you up when they do the life stories? Well, it did tonight. Maybe it was just the calming effect of sitting, or the wine, but once again I was choked up and overwhelmed with the feeling of how great living, yes just living, life can be. So easy to take for granted, so easy to feel like our days could be better sometimes, so many things to do. Yet, life is short, and each day we are ALL doing so much living.

Our church bulletin recently sent out a great newsletter, and the theme of the upcoming year is “Are you hungry?” Regardless of your religious persuasions, isn’t that beautiful? Shouldn’t we all be hungry? Hungry for life, hungry for the love of our family, our friends, all that is blooming around us? And yes, of course, hungry for good food that feeds our body and soul. Food that nourishes because it is shared together, around a table, with family or friends, simply shared. Hungry just to be here now, in the moment, soaking it all in, and knowing that this is life- today.

As one of my favorite songs says, “Today is the first day of the rest of my life. I’m alive, and well.” With credit to a great duo between Kenny Chesney and Dave Matthews, more amazing words could not be sung.

Feed your soul. I challenge you to feed your soul today, and then again tomorrow, and the next day…give yourself that nourishment, and share it with others. Life is short. Live hard, love hard, eat well. Enjoy the best of food and life.