It is time for our last “Main Street Moms on the Move” blog for 2014. Once again we highlight three amazing women from the Triad who are doing their best to change the lives of themselves or others … for the better! Enjoy reading about the three women we feature below, and remember, if you know of a mom who is doing wonderful things, please let us know. You can to nominate a local mom!

Kathleen Kirk

Kathleen has lived in Winston-Salem for 8 years. Originally from Cleveland, OH, she married, Matt, her college sweetheart and moved south in 1998. They have two boys, Colin (14) and Ogden (12). Kathleen is the owner of Color & Design Solutions where her primary function is helping people select the perfect paint colors, but you may also recognize her as ICON Custom Builder’s designer. She has been freelancing with Chuck Hicks and his team for over 7 years and assists clients in selecting everything from cabinets to paint. She loves creating homes that feel comfortable and functional.

Through her design work and passion of Feng Shui, Kathleen loves how a home feels. This has evolved into a different avenue for her business – Space and Energy Clearing. Kathleen, along with her teacher, have cleared homes in preparation to sell (especially houses stuck on the market), new homes that people are just moving into, or homes that have been lived in for awhile and may feel a little “off”. There is no guarantee, but all of the homes cleared have sold within a month, some within days!

Along the same lines as the energy clearing, Kathleen teaches classes with her friend, Marybeth Barrett. The classes are called, ‘Art & Soul Workshops’ and inspire women to find joy and peace in their day-to-day living, while learning art techniques in the process. You can find more info by contacting Kathleen directly at or 336-782-9131.

Deneane Davis

This mom has finally discovered the secret that every parent wants to know: how to balance a successful career and a happy busy household. Deneane Davis can be found 5 days a week as the Academic Dean at The Piedmont School in High Point, where she has several administrative tasks. She is responsible for developing curriculum, planning staff development, teacher evaluations and scheduling as well as academic programming for the school year and summer. Deneane has presented at many local and state educational conferences including the North Carolina Branch of the International Dyslexia Association. She has led several Parent Workshops at The Piedmont School and initiated many programs including summer enrichment camps and the highly successful after-school program.

Deneane’s husband can be found on Dudley’s campus working over 60 hours a week as a teacher and head football coach of the very successful football program. Their two children, Darah and Steven Davis II, mirror their busy schedules participating on the Battle of the Books, Jazzy Jumpers, and Science Olympiad teams in their schools. In addition to these extra-curricular activities, they can be found in either gymnastics or the YMCA swim team practices or participating in various other seasonal sports after school throughout the year.

How does she do it all? Deneane makes time for herself, accepts help from others, gets plenty of rest, and enjoys the time she has with her family. She is also quite the early bird, which gives her a jump start each morning.

Jane Pueschel

Jane was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan but has called the Winston-Salem area home for almost 20 years. Jane is a licensed attorney and stay at home mom to 5 children, including two born in South Korea. As an adoptee, Jane is passionate about adoption and helping children who are less fortunate. She works hard to instill the same philanthropic values in her children.

Jane is on the board of directors of Children of Vietnam, a Greensboro based nonprofit that brings bright futures to underprivileged, homeless, and handicapped children through services that break the cycle of poverty and provide immediate aid to children in crisis. “It is amazing to see how such a small financial sacrifice can be life changing to a child in need!”  In 2013, Jane took her then 10-year old daughter Katherine with her Vietnam where they spent time at orphanages and special schools, and met with recipients of aid from Children of Vietnam. Her daughter, with the help of her school, raised $1,500 prior to the trip and Katherine was able to personally deliver the milk to the children at the Tam Ky Baby Orphanage.

 Jane is also passionate about adoption and giving back to her son Joseph’s and daughter Maria’s birth country of South Korea. In December 2013, on her trip to Seoul for her daughter’s adoption, Jane and her husband John spent a day at the Jusarang Church known as “The Baby Box.”  Literally a small drop box with a bell that rings when a baby is placed inside, the Baby Box is a safe haven for young, single mothers who are culturally ostracized to safely abandon their babies. Since that visit, Jane has been on a mission to advocate and raise funds for this literally life-changing place for orphans. An award-winning documentary about the Baby Box was being filmed while Jane was there and will be in theaters nationwide March 3-5, 2015. According to Jane, who saw a prescreening of the documentary this past September, “It is a story of hope and love and reminds us that everyone, even the smallest and most vulnerable, deserves to be loved.”