By Rachel Hoeing

Happy Summer! We are excited to introduce three incredible moms to you in today’s Main Street Moms on the Move feature.

It will quickly become evident how much they enjoy giving to others and their own families with their unique talents. Enjoy getting to know Maya, Colleen, and Lara below. If you know a local mom who you would like to nominate for a future feature, email

Maya Cohen

Let me introduce you to your new best friend! Maya Burkett Cohen is a Physician Assistant who specializes in cosmetic procedures at The Spa at Highland Oaks in the beautiful city of Winston Salem. Maya has always had a passion for making people feel beautiful and loved. The calling to fulfill this passion did not come as easily as one would think. As a 2002 graduate of UNC Charlotte with a Business Administration / Marketing degree Maya, was left unfulfilled yet was quickly inspired to follow a different path in order to live out her passion. In 2007 she would soon set her goal to obtain a Masters degree in Physician Assistant studies in order to fulfill this overwhelming desire to serve others.

Fast-forward almost 10 years and Maya has been very blessed to establish an overwhelmingly strong following at The Spa at Highland Oaks (2016 and 2017 TMoM Choice Awards winner for Favorite Spa). She provides a variety of cosmetic procedures such as neurotoxin injections, dermal fillers, laser skin resurfacing, non-invasive fat reduction treatments as well as treatments that lift and tighten the skin, all while managing a Medical weight loss program. Maya takes pride in developing relationships with her clients and will often be overheard sharing a laugh, giving a compliment or offering an encouraging word.  Maya strives to have each and every individual leave her office feeling better than they did when they arrived!

Outside the office Maya enjoys spending her free time with her husband Kerry and sons Kiyan (22 months) and Kameron (10).

Colleen Armentrout

Colleen has become accustomed to three questions when she meets someone new: “Are you one of those Armentrouts?,” “Which of the twins are you married to?” and “Are you the pediatrician?” Her answers are well practiced: “Yes, I am related to all of the Armentrouts in Winston-Salem. I’m married to Kyle, not Brant – his wife is Betsy. She’s the pediatrician. I’m a physical therapist, but we are often confused for one another.” The inquiries don’t bother her though, proud as she is of her married family name and all who represent it. In addition to their three children (Will, Owen and Caroline), Colleen and Kyle have five nephews (three belonging to Kyle’s sister, Britt and her husband Joe Parrish). Rounding out the clan are her in-laws, Jim and Johnne Armentrout.

Colleen and Kyle have deep roots in athletics. So, encouraging their children’s interests in this direction only seemed natural. Together they have coached many a YMCA sport. Colleen is also currently serving as a summer league representative for their neighborhood swim team, the New Sherwood Stingrays, and on the Mount Tabor Athletics board as the swim team representative.

Professionally, Colleen has worked as a home physical therapist for Kindred at Home (formerly Gentiva Health Services) since 2009. She visits patients in their homes recovering from surgeries, falls or hospitalizations.She maintains a limited and flexible schedule, primarily traveling in and around Forsyth County. Of her work, she replies, “I love what I do and enjoy meeting and getting to know people in their own environment. Learning what motivates them, helps me to direct my therapy goals.”

Balancing work, family, and personal time has always been a priority. Colleen feels, “something worth doing, is worth doing well,” and that means committing her time purposefully and judiciously. One of those personal commitments is to fitness and health. She enjoys a variety of YMCA classes and runs with a loyal group of running partners. Having already completed several marathons and road races, she recently added the 209 mile Blue Ridge to her list of running endeavors. She will repeat the effort this fall with her group, including her sister-in-law, Betsy. Yes… she’s the pediatrician.

Lara Alsford

Throughout her life, Lara’s has believed that the innocence, imagination and joy found naturally in children should be the foundations of the lives we live. Having worked with children since age 16, Lara is also a mother to three beautiful children, Jessie (17), Arlan (8) and Lola Sky (6).

Her journey to Summerfield, NC took her from the UK, where she ran her own pre-school, to Parma, Italy when she relocated with her husband, eldest daughter and son in January 2010. Lola Sky arrived a year and a half later and in 2014 the family moved to Summerfield.

Lara’s entrepreneurial spirit further took hold in June last year when she founded and launched Wonderland Studios, a family-run company Inspired by Lewis Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland. The company provides parties, activities and events for children and families in addition to Kindermusik and a kid’s yoga program, Yoga in Wonderland. Lara is responsible for the creative direction of the company as well as running the music & movement programs, all whilst being a stellar mother and wife. Her energy and dedication to her cause are limitless!

Lara is also resilient and determined. In October of 2016 the family travelled to Europe to resolve a visa issue to allow them to remain in the USA long-term. However, what was expected to be a one week trip turned into a 3 month hiatus with the family ‘stuck’ in the UK. The determination to return the USA was plain to see as the family returned in January, albeit without their eldest daughter who remained in the UK to pursue her university education. This demonstrates Lara’s selfless dedication to ensuring children always have what is best for them, a sentiment that has manifested itself throughout her life and in Wonderland Studios.