By Gillian Goodman, Lower School Director at Greensboro Day School

Children are curious and excited about learning. At Greensboro Day School, we work hard to foster this excitement every day. We believe that learning is about questioning, exploring, collaborating, serving others and having fun. It is about building solid relationships with caring adults who know and appreciate children for their special learning styles and interests.

Are you ready to make this kind of difference in your child’s life? Join us for dinner and an open house on October 25 at 6:00 p.m. Call 288-8590 to reserve a spot.

At Greensboro Day School, you can expect:

~ a passionate, talented faculty trained in Differentiated Instruction.

~ that art, music and Spanish are an important part of learning.

~ time for physical activity outdoors every day.

~ students to explore the natural world through curriculum.

~  technology incorporated into instruction in developmentally appropriate ways.

~ meaningful student-to-student connections.

One parent emailed:

“I get a little teary looking around, because this is just an ordinary day. It is a regular day, a Thursday. That’s the school, anytime you stop in something fantastic is happening, countless fantastic things at the same time, all over campus.

I am so happy my daughters are a part of this great school, and so grateful for the wonderful things they have gotten so far in their school experiences. I know this regular, ordinary day at GDS is the opposite of what a lot of kids are experiencing at school on a regular, ordinary day.  I know it takes unbelievable amounts of time, energy and heart to make this ordinary day happen.

So I wanted to thank you all, for turning an ordinary day into an extraordinary one. That you make this happen every day is amazing, and a credit to everyone at GDS.”