By Guest Blogger Catherine Cottingham

Being a first-time mom in 2020 has been nothing like I envisioned when I found out I was pregnant. There were no baby showers, we didn’t have any visitors in the hospital, we have let very few people meet our new bundle of joy in person, and all his first holidays have been meet with few extended family traditions and celebrations. But in the mist of what would look like as a terrible time to welcome baby Thomas, we have been able to find moments that we wouldn’t have had otherwise.

My husband and I have taken the new “normal” in stride and made a point to still make his first year unforgettable but in a different way than planned. We have taken him to the beach to feel the sand, and to the mountains to hike through the forest. I have also focused on how to make each holiday feel special while staying within guidelines and what makes me feel comfortable as a new mom.

For the Fourth of July we rented a condo where we watched fireworks from the patio with our sleeping newborn in our arms, Halloween we created our own pumpkin patch in our yard where Thomas got to explore pumpkins and of course try to eat them and for Thanksgiving, we decided to try a social distanced weekend trip to see Christmas lights (our child is obsessed, I mean obsessed with lights) at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. He loved it and I have a video of him dancing in his stroller as we watched the music and lights in sync which I will probably still be playing at his wedding. But this trip wouldn’t have happened if 2020 didn’t happen since we would have had a trip to Hawaii. While that may have been fantastic, I am so thankful for that moment with him because I will cherish it forever.

But I would be remised to say that when we started these social distanced car rides to the ocean and other places, we didn’t have a few mishaps along the way- balancing a feeding schedule, leaky diapers, and of course new parents learning to be new parents. I will say we went through so many different types of diapers and so many wet outfits the first few months. Pulling him out of his stroller soaked when we just found a lunch spot with outdoor seating. To say I was an embarrassed mom would be an understatement. I never thought I’d be the mom whose child was put in a diaper that they constantly peed out of, I felt terrible! After going through 4 or 5 brands, I finally landed on Pampers. We tried starting with money saving brands but they just didn’t work for us. We decided to go for them when we weren’t only experiencing leaky diapers but also the doctor informed us our son has baby eczema. Pampers was the top dermatologically recommended and hypoallergenic recommendation that I saw on the market and I was determined to make sure he was as comfortable as possible. Pampers have made every trip seamless and smooth for us. That give me the ease of mind to travel without checking Thomas’s diaper every 20 minutes and I know he’s sitting in a diaper that is as soft as his blankie while riding around with us.

I am happy to report that our “Thanksgiving/early Christmas” moment went off without a hitch thanks to Pampers and a very loving husband who wants to make this first year of life special for Thomas and myself.

So for all the other mommas out there trying to make 2020 special and you don’t need any extra hassle like leaky diapers make the switch to Pampers with a special holiday offer from Lowes:

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