By TMoM Team Member Dennette Bailey

America is a rich and glorious country composed of diverse people, who have in the past and now continue, to contribute to its success. America is abounding in resources, but its major resource is her people, and her continued success is dependent upon her people. This year my blogs have purposely been on ideas to make a positive impact in various areas of our lives’. This month is all about positive patriotism in our great United States of America. Having a patriotic sentiment can mean different things to different people but in continuing with our theme of positivity, patriotism that leads to a positive impact is America’s true reward.

We can demonstrate this patriotism in a variety of ways, but I suggest we should strongly consider these top five suggestions.


One of the best ways to demonstrate our patriotism may be to mindfully be a good citizen. There are many ways to do this but following the law, being neighborly, showing respect and kindness to our fellow citizens, and doing no harm to any human being is as patriotic as we can get. For instance, when we are a member of a family, we do everything we can to show the family in a good light and not embarrass the family. We might consider this same sentiment for our country by not doing anything as citizens that would make our county look bad. Demonstrating citizenship is patriotism.

Honor Veterans

People who choose to serve America by joining the military should be honored and respected. Americans can demonstrate great patriotism by supporting our veterans not just verbally, but emotionally and financially.

Acknowledge America’s History

True patriotism deserves respect and honor by all the citizens. America cannot change its past but if as individuals we can all acknowledge choices we would change if we could, then it is ok as a country to do the same. Once we do this we can work as unified citizens to ensure an America at its very best. An America where all its citizens trust they are valued, and part of the country is a patriotic America.

Care for the Country

As individuals or as groups our wants and needs may vary. However, as citizens of America we have some needs that are the same for everyone. We all need clean air and water, safety, shelter, connection, recognition, and purpose. If we do not deny these to any one citizen – we will be demonstrating a patriotic country.

Understand Politics

Contributing to and or participating in the political arena is a benefit to living in America and makes America special. As Americans we should appreciate that everyone has the potential to participate in politics. Everyone can have their own opinion and every citizen can utilize their right to vote. We should respect this very right, instead of being consumed with the fact that many citizens may disagree with us. The patriotism is in the fact that Americans can be involved in the political process.


Be thankful! America is a country that values gratitude. We have a holiday that celebrates this very fact. Try to be thankful and remember that we are blessed to be Americans. How can we be thankful? Give thanks, give help, and give patience.

America can be a symbol to individuals and the world of true patriotism, and our patriotism can make a tremendously positive impact. Be patriotic and make a positive impact on America!

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