By Mary Mollitt of Mary Time

Mark Twain once said, “The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.” I feel so lucky I know why. With certainty, it was the day I found out I was going to be a Mother. It was also the day my business cards greeted me at the mailbox. Mary Time, to you, could be a wonderful place to bring your child to develop their love and appreciation for music and movement. But, to me, it is why I am here. My name is Mary Mollitt. The children know me as Miss Mary.

Engaging, Fulfilling and Affordable!

Mary Time At-a-Glance

• Music and Exercise Classes/Birthday Parties offered for infants-5 years
• Classes offered are Mary Time Music – music/movement, Readerobics – exercise, and a Combo Class which is a mix of both classes.
• It is affordable!!!!! Mary Time is about half the cost of other music/exercise programs. As a parent of two young children, I certainly relate to how expensive classes can be. My mission is and always will be to make the classes affordable.
• Use of Instruments and Props! Classes and Parties are extremely active and engaging – there is almost always something in their hands! Percussion instruments i.e. small and big drums, maracas/shakers, rhythm sticks, bells, ribbons, scarves and bean bags are used.
• Parachute Play – Classes and Parties always end with parachute play! Miss Mary has a small, a medium and a very big parachute! It is so fun to see them get so excited about parachute play. And knowing they are reaping so many benefits in their development from the chutes is just a bonus!
• Guitar and Sing-a-Long Jam Session: A new part of the program introduced this fall will be singing, dancing and jamming with Miss Mary and her guitar. There is nothing like live music!
• Trial Classes- Miss Mary just wants you to come and see what she does! Contact me to see which class would fit your child/children best and join us for a class.

Mary Time Music

Classes are filled with action packed songs, lap rides, fingerplays, and movement. Children use a variety of instruments and props in class to keep them on their toes and having fun! Children will learn the basics like fast and slow, tempo changes, playing on the beat, dynamics, and high and low, but more importantly they develop their foundation and love of music. Classes are 45 minutes.

• Classes are offered all year long in sessions, usually between 6-8 weeks. The holiday session is an extremely popular class, so registration a couple months in advance is suggested to ensure a spot!
• Classes are maximum of 10 children for most sessions and 12 for the holiday session.
• If you do not see a time that meets your needs, contact Miss Mary and make a request.
• Classes are currently at Star of Bethlehem Church on Jonestown Road, but I can also come to your home and do sessions with your group of friends.
• Trial Class – you are welcome to try a class, please come and see what I am all about!
Classes currently offered for the Fall/Winter:
Mary Time is offering classes on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Fridays might be added for the holiday session. For a detailed schedule please visit and click on the Mary Time Music tab.

Birthday Parties

If you are looking for something to compliment a party at home, at a park, or a clubhouse, Mary Time Music Birthday Parties are a perfect fit. The most popular of choices are either the 30-35 minutes or the 45-50 minutes of music/movement. Tons of props, tons of fun! Mary Time can do a specific theme i.e. safari, farm, transportation or just do a general theme. Recommended ages are 1-5 years.


Readerobics is an exercise program where the chosen book for the class inspires to recreate scenes, characters, and tell the story. The program covers every aspect of fitness, working on their cardio endurance, strength and striving to improve coordination, balance, and flexibility. Props such as parachutes, balance ropes, rhythm scarves, step-a-logs/balance beams, hurdles, tunnels, balance pods, balls, and hula hoops are designed to jumpstart their imaginations and create a fun atmosphere while exercising! Readerobics is currently in a few preschools in the Clemmons and Winston-Salem area, programmed in once/month at the Children’s Museum, and is also a part of the Combo Class offered on Tuesdays. If your preschool is looking for an exercise program, please contact me for more information!

Contact Mary Time

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Giveaways: Don’t forget to leave a comment to enter to win a Mary Time Music Party for your child (30-35 minutes). Two winners will be selected! ($60 value) Be sure to enter your email address in the comment section so we have a way to contact you if you are the winner.