Beyond “Round Ligament Pain” – Understanding Pelvic & Back Pain During Pregnancy
May 22, 2023
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Too often aches and pains during pregnancy are passed off as “normal”. Also, a common one we hear a lot, “oh it’s just round ligament pain.” In this workshop Dr. Garner and Dr. Gailes will help expectant moms learn how to tell the difference – when is it round ligament and when is it something else? And what’s more – they will also teach you how to navigate knowing what to do. Along with, when it’s actually time to ask for or go get pelvic physical therapy.

This 75 minute integrative workshop with veteran orthopedic and pelvic physical therapist and creator and author of Medical Therapeutic Yoga, Dr. Ginger Garner, and Garner Pelvic Health staff physical therapist and expert in hypermobility, Dr. Keeli Gailes, will teach you how to identify the red flag symptoms that can drive pregnancy related back and pelvic pain. There are a multitude of “stretches” and “exercises” out there when it comes to prenatal pelvic health. But, this workshop will empower moms with the knowledge to know when to get pelvic health physical therapy and when you may be able to move your way through prenatal pelvic pain with more ease (and a lot less worry and time wasted!).

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