By Brenner Children’s Hospital

Spotted some new furry faces around town? Meet Brenn, Belle, and Beau.

At Brenner Children’s Hospital, we want people to know how passionate we are about the work we do with our patients, their families, and the community—which is why we’ve adopted three friendly fur balls into the Brenner family.

First, there’s Brenn. She’s cool, confident, and a natural-born leader. This lovable pooch lights up a room. You’ll find her visiting her friends at the hospital, educating members of the community at local events, or offering guidance and inspiration to patients and their families.

Next, there’s sweet, smart Belle.  Need a word of advice, or simply a shoulder to lean on? Belle will be there with an ear to lend and a hug to give. She understands how far a little kindness can go. Like Brenn, she loves to spend time with patients one-on-one and advocate for health and wellness in the Triad.

Last, but certainly not least, is Beau. He’s a clever, playful, spontaneous little guy who’s sure to put a smile on your face. Beau knows that hospitals can be unfamiliar territory for patients and their families, which is why he loves to make people laugh! Whether he’s joking around with friends at the hospital or volunteering at a local 5K race, you’ll find Beau sharing smiles everywhere he roams.

Patients and staff welcome Brenn, Belle, and Beau

On July 18th, patients, families, and staff of Brenner Children’s Hospital gathered to welcome Brenner’s newest (and fluffiest) friends— It was a celebration like no other! Hospital floors and halls were scattered with paw prints galore, and dog balloons—yes, dog balloons— floated around the 8th floor of Ardmore Tower anticipating the adorable arrival.

The pups danced, played, posed for pictures, and offered hugs to those who needed them. Nobody was too old to enjoy. Children smiled in awe as they stood beside these furry creatures, and nurses and doctors lined up for the chance of a selfie. And like any good celebration, cake (decorated with Brenn, Belle, and Beaus’ faces, of course) was served.

Where can we expect to see these pooches next?

As their exciting adventure begins, Brenn, Belle, and Beau will be learning about our community and all of its wonderful diversity. These charming canines will spend their time at Brenner and in the surrounding community—engaging with patients and their families, educating new friends about health and wellness, visiting schools and sports games, and overall encouraging everyone to live their best life. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch a glimpse of them high-fiving Bolt at the next Dash game, or volunteering at the Winston-Salem Open.  These pups still have much to discover about what happens inside Brenner Children’s Hospital—like our 500-pound pumpkin that arrives for Halloween, or our restored sleigh and Santa that appears at Christmas time—but they are already fitting in quite nicely to their new home.

As the community becomes familiar with these pooches, we hope children will perceive the hospital differently than before. A hospital can be a big and scary place for our youngest visitors, but with the addition of a few warm and lovable puppies, we hope to bring comfort to the families that entrust their care to us. If Brenn, Belle, or Beau make you laugh, bring you courage, or are simply there to lend a hug or high-five when you need it most, then they have done their job.

*Sponsored by Brenner Children’s Hospital