By Rachel Hoeing

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Molly Kramer

10343518_10152394786029381_6256439888373585656_nTwo years after welcoming their first child, Isaiah (now age 5), high school sweethearts Molly and Keith anxiously awaited the birth of their baby girl. After an uneventful pregnancy, Molly went into labor at 38 weeks gestation. Upon arrival at the hospital, doctors gave them the tragic news that their unborn daughter no longer had a heartbeat. “It was surreal,” says Molly. “In between contractions, I had to make decisions regarding my daughter’s birth and death. Did we want an autopsy? Cremation or burial? Did I want her placed on my chest after birth? Before I even had a chance to say hello, I was trying to comprehend how to say goodbye.”

In an effort to honor Eden’s short but beautiful life, Molly founded Eden’s Wings. Through this organization, Molly was able to work from her home in Greensboro to create and send over one thousand handmade bracelets to grieving mothers around the world.

In 2014, Molly and Keith were thrilled to learn that they were expecting again. They remained guarded but optimistic, since multiple ultrasounds had shown a healthy baby boy. During an ultrasound at 31 weeks, however, their greatest fears came true when their baby was diagnosed with Campomelic Dysplasia, a rare and often lethal form of dwarfism. “I blatantly asked the doctor if we should be preparing a nursery or a funeral,” Molly remembers. “She softly prepared us for another death.”

Miraculously, Drew was born in December, alive and fighting for his life. He underwent a tracheostomy and is now home with ventilatory support, bringing joy to everyone around him. Molly runs a Facebook page, Team Drew, for those who wish to follow his journey. She stays home with her boys and divides her time between cuddling, legos, trach care, and raising awareness for stillbirth and rare diseases.

Glynis Bell

IMG_1450Glynis is a native of Hillsborough, NC and landed Winston Salem in 1987 to attend undergraduate school at Winston Salem State University. While in school, she completed an internship with the City of Winston Salem. It was there that she discovered what a cool place Winston Salem was and decided to stick around. She has worked in many different areas from non-profit, to higher education as well as in corporate America. She found her greatest love in non-profit. She charted the Dress for Success Winston-Salem (DFSWS) affiliate in May 2010. DFSWS helps women with work place preparation including providing them with appropriate attire, skills and support they need to succeed in work and life.

Glynis has always had a passion for fashion and a love of helping women and young ladies become their very best! She completed her Master’s Degree in Consumer Apparel and Retail Studies in 2006. She will debut her first book this later this summer entitled “A young lady’s guide to inspiration and positive self-image.” She believes that helping young ladies prepare for success should start at a young age. She started an LLC, Glynis Bell Integrated (GBI), which the acronym stands for Giving Back Intentionally and Gifted Beautiful Inspired! Glynis does interactive workshops with school, social and church groups to help young ladies understand that beauty starts within. She also specializes in personal shopping and wardrobe consultations! Feel free to contact Glynis at

It’s never a dull moment around the Bell household! Her husband Larry works with the Marketing Dept. with the City of WS. Her Daughter Isley is a rising Jr. and cheerleader at Atkins High School and her son Kylan is a graduating Sr. heading to NC A&T State University in Greensboro in the fall. Glynis and the Bell family are definitely on the move!


Shannon Ford

image1(2)Enthusiastically creative – a phrase that defines Shannon. She describes her mind as a beautiful mess chocked full of so many ideas, visions, and imagination. Her most treasured titles are mom to Luke, age 5, and wife to Steve. Most people say that Luke has Shannon’s physical features and his father’s personality. However, Luke also walks on the creative side with an active imagination and many stories about his daily adventures. Not many kids take a beach trip and a shark nibbles their fingernail in the ocean without their parents knowing anything about it – or stops an entire group of kids outdoors to hear his famous animal calls.

Shannon has used her creativeness in multiple marketing roles for over 15 years. She was recently hired as Marketing/Communications Director for the Village of Clemmons. She is excited to be given an opportunity to work again in government. Her role involves increasing awareness of all that the Village of Clemmons has to offer to a number of audiences, including current and future residents and businesses, as well as travelers to the area.

That creativity doesn’t end with her job in public service. Shannon recently served two years on the Parent Teacher Council at her son’s preschool and loved seeing some of the ideas come to life. One of the most exciting projects was seeing a music video evolve – just one tool that brought awareness resulting in the kids raising over $1800 in change for books in their school, as well as schools in need.

Shannon spends most of her free time with her family – exploring parks, rapping nursery rhymes, and surviving hours of Nerf gun battles.