By Emily R. Saunders 

Today we feature another workout video from our friends at Momsanity, a community of moms striving to achieve balance through physical, emotional and spiritual wellness! Last month we featured their five-minute workout video for busy moms here, and today we’re featuring a core workout that’s perfect for moms of infants! If you are looking to add quick and effective workouts to your routine, watch for these monthly Momsanity posts on TMoM. We will always link back to the previous videos too. Enjoy your workout! 

Does your baby need entertained while you exercise?  At 6 months, gone are the days of “watching”…Baby Adler wants to participate!  Use these exercises as a workout or during playtime to get some core activity in while you’re entertaining baby.  So, you say, your baby now weighs 50 pounds…. no problem! Grab a 10 to 15 pound dumbbell and complete the exercises using it instead!

Remember, crunches alone – even thousands-do not get rid of belly fat.  It’s important to incorporate full body metabolic workouts into your workout like those offered in the Momsanity Sisterhood.  Don’t forget – flat tummies are made in the kitchen so be sure you are following a fat loss friendly nutrition plan to optimize your results.  Unsure where to start? The Momsanity Sisterhood offers simple but clear nutrition guidelines plus more individualized suggestions on our closed Facebook page.

Let us know how baby likes his or her “workout”!!!  Tell us – do you workout with your baby?