By Emily Saunders

Last month, we met with Emily Saunders and Debbie Wilkins from Momsanity,which is a community of moms striving to achieve balance through physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. We were blown away by the energy and optimism that these women share. They are full of inspiration, tips, tricks, and advice that all moms can find helpful. You may remember previous blogs from Debbie, which you can read here and here and Emily, which you can readhere. We are now planning to feature these women on our site monthly, as they will share their tips for physical fitness for busy moms. If you don’t think you have time to squeeze fitness into your day … think again. Momsanity will show you exactly how you can! Watch for Momsanity Mania each month on Triad Moms on Main!  The first segment is below! ~ Rachel Hoeing

You’re a Mom. You’re busy. You have children hanging off of you most hours of the day. It’s Summer. It’s time to wear a bathing suit. You don’t have time for the gym but know you NEED to exercise. Oh… if only you had time. Momsanity is here to help and to steal your excuses! Did you know you can turn on your fat burning hormones with 1 minute of exercise? You can! So put the kiddo in the swing or send him outside to play and let’s get started right now. Pick up a pair of dumbbells and jump right in to this 5 minute full body workout.

Ready Set go!

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