Here we go again…I love it when I stumble across something cool, or get an email from a friend or reader suggesting we share something fun and fabulous to the moms who read our site. We do this from time to time. You might remember Rachel’s “What We’re Loving Right Now” post this past summer, and my “10 Fun Finds for Moms” last spring. Today I feature 10 more finds that will tempt your palate and your love life, charm your inner entertaining goddess, prompt your desire to get organized and keep a clean home, challenge your lack of carpool space, and woo you to be more frugal!

If you have a fun and fabulous find you’d like for us to consider, please email me Enjoy today’s finds!

For Your Tastebuds

The Crock-Pot Lunch Crock
Kristie from TMoM recently discovered the Crock-Pot Lunch Crock and she wishes she knew about this when she was a full-time working mom! For just $20, the Crock-Pot Lunch Crock lets you warm your lunch slowly and safely on your desk – or even in your own home – and it serves up flavorful lunches without a lot of work. This blog reviewed the product and shares how well it works with leftovers and soups – all while avoiding the office’s community microwave (yuk!). It’s also dishwasher-safe and comes with a lid for easy transport!

Can You Say Ole?
Just recently I discovered two Mexican-themed dips that I cannot get enough of – and both are healthy and a lot less fattening than usual dips! One is Skotidakis Jalepeno Yogurt Dip. Both times I was in the company of this dip, it did not last long with the crowds. Don’t be fooled by the Jalepeno reference – it’s surprisingly mild but has just the right amount of zing to get you hooked. You can buy this dip at Costco.

The other dip I am loving is an edamame guacamole dip I found at Whole Foods. It’s a blend of avocado and edamame, and to me, the resulting combo makes for a much creamier, richer guacamole dip. Bring it out for your next family Mexican night or serve the next time you entertain. Everyone will love it!

For Your Inner Oprah

Speaking of entertaining, we all know we are on the brink of the party season. You might remember me blogging about a fun twist to the usual girlfriend get-together – a My Favorite Things party – inspired by Oprah’s Favorite Things show. I wanted to bring this idea back into the spotlight because you can easily change your usual holiday gift exchange party into a My Favorite Things party – plus guests get to take home several gifts instead of just one. Or you can host a My Favorite Things party in place of your next  scheduled girls’ night outs or one of your monthly book club, supper club or Bunco gatherings.

For the Single Moms

And with all the parties coming up, here’s an idea to keep a date by your side. A childhood friend of mine, who now lives in LA, started a dating site, and it’s taken off across the country. In fact, the site is gaining so much popularity among single women, it scored her an interview with Ryan Seacrest! Recognizing that some TMoM readers may be single and seeking dates, I asked her to share details. Here’s what she sent:

“We all have single girlfriends who say, ‘All the good ones are married,’ and ‘I’m never going to meet anyone,’ right? Well, help has arrived. Fantasy Dating Game empowers women to take chances, build confidence and find love while going about their everyday lives. Similar to other fantasy sports, participants create leagues, set stakes and compete to earn points. The difference is that when women Fantasy Date, they score points by dating. Fantasy Dating is a great tool for single moms. One single mom recently said because of Fantasy Dating she was dared to finally introduce herself to the cute single dad at her son’s t-ball practice. They’ve been dating ever since. Intrigued? Check it out…and its Facebook page too!”

For the Home

For those of you with small kids, pets and light colored carpets, you’ll want to read this. A friend posted on Facebook her wonder and amazement for a product called Folex  that magically removed red juice spills on her white carpet with little or no rubbing or blotting. As soon as she sprayed the stains, they disappeared. After reading that, I hightailed it to Home Depot (because you just never know) and purchased a giant sized bottle (36 oz) for under $10. Thank goodness I did because we recently had black acrylic paint dust (from an outdoor shutter painting project) tracked across our beige carpet! It was a disaster and I was ready to throw in the towel, pull the carpet up, and throw it away. And then I sprayed Folex on the paint stains and – voila – they instantly disappeared for me too!

For the Uber Organized Mom

Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet

You know how you always remember things last minute but can never find a a pen or paper to write it down? Or, are you like me with yellow sticky notes stuck all over your house? I think every busy mom can relate to either scenario which makes this latest find ingenius. TMoM’s Kristie, a busy mother of 10-year-old triplets, keeps one of these in her car.

This Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet lets you jot down your thoughts and lists without having to worry about finding a pen or paper. It’s the green alternative to paper, and all you need is a stylus (included) or your fingernail. A one-touch button erases the board instantly. You can find this tablet at Brookstone for $40.

iConvert® Scanner for iPad Tablet
This is another smart organizational idea submitted by Kristie. It’s a great product for moms who have tons of photos needing to be scanned, or for anyone who has piles of paper receipts you can’t bring yourself to pitch. Simply scan your photo or important paper and within seconds you will have a sharp, detailed JPG file you can save on your Ipad. Brilliant!

For the Little Ones

For those of you who plan to travel by plane this holiday season, or you just need a little extra room in your car, the BubbleBum Inflatable Car Booster Seat could be your solution! This portable, lightweight, inflatable car booster fits children ages four to 11. It deflates easily and rolls up into it’s own carrying bag which is perfect for backpacks, handbags or carry-on luggage. This seat is stable, comfortable, meets and exceeds all US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, and it’s award-winning! My neighbor uses this in her car (a four-door sedan) and it allows her to carpool with plenty of space!

For the Penny Pincher

Next time you are out looking for deals – maybe at  consignment sales, garage sales or estate sales – consider a trip to theWinston-Salem Rescue Mission’s Thrift Store in downtown Winston-Salem. Did you even know it was there? I had no clue until just recently, and I was pleasantly surprised! Located at 717 Oak Street (between Trade and Cherry, with the front entrance facing 7th Street), this 20,000 square-foot warehouse holds hundreds of items from household goods to furniture, clothing, baby items, books and electronics. It’s open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 4:30 pm, and there are specials every day. All sales from the Thrift store go back to fund Rescue Mission operations. I recommend you check it out…you never know what you could find there!

Let us know if you’ve tried any of these ideas, and what you think!