By TMoM Team Member Dennette Bailey

If you’ve been following TMoM’s blogs this year, you may have noticed my theme for 2022 is positivity. Last month we explored making a positive impact on your day. This month we are exploring ways to make a positive impact on your life. With an emphasis on positivity in 2022 and a definite plan (even if there is some deviation from the plan) we can keep on the path if we focus on just a few things.

Hence here are five things we can focus on…


I remember a commercial that aired when I was a youngster that touted “reading is fundamental”. It really is. If we are to continue to learn and be our best, then we need to read. I am also convinced that when we keep a list of what we read, that list can motivate us to read more. It can also help us evaluate what we are reading. Variety is most beneficial when reading. But I would venture to say the very act of reading can lead to a desire to learn more and do more. This, in turn, will lead to a positive impact in our lives.

Nurture Your Need

If we are going to have an impactful life, we need to take care of ourselves. Our needs are important to our survival. If we need to feel a particular way, we must find healthy habits to nurture positivity. Otherwise, we feel deprived and act in our daily lives from a deprived point of view. When our needs are met, we can act from a content, healthy and abundant point of view. Our attitude, and our ability to give to others, is affected by this. If we tend to feel we “never have” or we “always miss out” or we are “always in need,” then we won’t feel nurtured. As a result, we can’t give what we don’t have.


Some call it saving for a rainy day, but I prefer to view issues from a more positive or good expectation perspective. I am not saving so much for a rainy day as I am saving for an opportunity. This way I don’t have regrets about my spending. Instead, I can appreciate what I have spent my money on. As such, I am confident that if I need or want to have money for some great opportunity that comes up, I am likely to be able to do so. This, in turn, creates positivity.

Stand up For a Cause

A fulfilled life is most certainly a purposeful one. If you want positivity in your life and the life of others, deciding on a cause to stand up for is a sure way to give yourself purpose and fulfillment. Try not to think about all the big problems in the world and solving them. Instead, consider something that is important to you and decide on the time and resources that you can dedicate to that cause. It can be as simple as keeping your neighborhood clean and picking up trash once a week, or can be as big as raising money for your favorite charity.

Your cause can be something near and dear, such as spending time with an elderly relative. Or you can volunteer your time and/or resources, even on other continents. The important factor is that you choose something, and you decide on a regular schedule to give time to that cause.

Do What You Love

Have you heard the saying, “If you do what you love you will never work a day in your life?” It may not be that simple, but it is certainly more rewarding and less stressful if your work is something you love to do. When we have less stress and more positivity in our lives, we can achieve more. We can also be present for ourselves and others more because we are not distracted by the work we hate. You may not be able to do what you love today, but you can plan and set a goal for when you can achieve this. Try your best to make it sooner than later, and you will make a positive impact in the lives of others as well as yourself.

Give yourself some time to think about these 5 ways for an impactful life. Consider setting a goal to work on just one a week, or one a month. Imagine, if you were to make these a priority. Set a goal that, by this time next year, you are doing what you love, standing up for a cause, nurturing your needs, saving money, and reading more books. You are now prepared to have an impactful day and an impactful life!

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