By Rachel Hoeing

I ran into a friend of mine the other day who recently announced she is pregnant. Knowing I ran a website for moms, she asked me what the “must haves” were for her registry.  Two years ago, I compiled this blog on our website with the “Top 10 Must Have Items For Newborns And Babies.” But, I know things change so much, and since I hadn’t given birth in 11 years, I knew it was time to turn to our TMoM fans! I asked new moms on our Chat Page and Fan Page what they could not live without when they had their babies. I compiled their answers and included links below.

Aside from the obvious items like blankets, burp cloths, and cribs, there are so many new and improved gadgets for you to enjoy. I hope these items will give you a good start when compiling your registry. (And there are definitely still good ideas on the archived blog!) Local moms also gave us plenty of good tips and advice for first time moms, so stay tuned for another blog on that topic!

  • Doona Car Seat/Stroller  – One of the strollers that was highly recommended. This is a  car seat with wheels that flip down to convert into a travel system. (More stroller ideas below!)


  • Rock N Play – Many different brands were suggested. The link goes to one of the higher rated recommendations.


  • SwaddleMe – There are different stages and sizes for each of these. It was suggested to register for the first one or two. Then if you like them, you can buy more later on. 


  • Boppy Lounger – a safe place to let your baby relax or the perfect place for parents to interact with their baby


  • Snap N Go Stroller – Many moms recommended that instead of getting an entire travel system, simply register for this Snap N Go and the infant seat. Done!


  • Baby Breza bottle maker – One reader claims, “For those of us who can’t breast feed this thing is a life saver. Your bottles are perfectly made in 7 seconds. Perfect temperature and no air bubbles. It is worth every penny!”
– Boppy Nursing Pillow – You can wrap this around your waist for better positioning with breastfeeding. It can also be used for propping up baby, tummy time and sitting as they get older.
Soothe Shirt – Easy and comfortable way to wear your baby. One reader claimed it was the “best way to calm my newborn.”
Milk snob nursing and car seat cover – functional and stylish!
  • City Mini GT Stroller – One last stroller recommendation. Easy to store, easy to fold, easy to use! One reader claimed, “With four children, we have owned nine strollers! I liked this one best. And getting the GT with the rubber wheels is so worth it.”


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  • Inglesina Table Chair – these are fabulous for travel but also for use at home because you can store it when not in use



  • Dream on Me High Chair – This was a favorite because it is easy to clean, reclines, and has a convenient storage bin underneath the seat.


  •  Newborn mittens – the hospital may provide you with some of these, but it never hurts to have extra. Your baby will often scratch his face unintentionally when he is little!


  • NoseFrida – “The snot sucker!” Sounds gross, but works wonders.


Fisher-Price Deluxe Monkey Bouncer – Keeps baby entertained in a safe environment.
–  Thermometer – Link includes a summary of different kinds, but most moms prefer the ease of a forehead thermometer or ear thermometer. Take a read and see which one might be best for your baby!
Tommie Tippie Bottles and Pacifiers – This brand was suggested by quite a few moms who said it was their favorite! It often takes a few tries to find the right bottle for your baby, so don’t fear – there are many from which to choose! This brand also offers breast pumps and breast milk storage, so be sure to visit the website and look around!
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