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~ Baby Quip Rentals & Cleanings
~ Now Enrolling at Noble Academy
~ FREE Assessments at OsteoStrong
~ Unique Busy Kids Opens Fall 2020
~ Tackle Advocacy: Offering Individual Instruction & Tutoring
~ Two New Giveaways = FOUR Potential Winners!
~ Winners of Our Last Giveaway


Baby Quip Rentals & Cleanings

Lina Montoya, BabyQuip provider, is helping families travel with their little ones. BabyQuip is the #1 baby equipment rental service offering baby gear items (full-size cribs, car seats, etc.) for families who don’t want to bring along a lot of gear on vacation, and for grandparents (and other hosts) who don’t want to store and maintain a lot of equipment.

BabyQuip also offers a soft play rental package, bringing the excitement of indoor play centers to the comfort of your home. Delivery, set up and pick-up is available, along with contactless options too. Their gear is meticulously cleaned with steam and eco-friendly plant based products, per BabyQuip protocol.

The average car seat has twice as many germs and bacteria as a toilet. Not anymore. Let BabyQuip make all your little one’s gear like new.


Now Enrolling at Noble Academy

Noble Academy is a very unique school – one that is caring, nurturing, and provides an accepting environment for young people to receive a quality education. Noble students are highly gifted, intelligent, artistic, athletic, and are simply seeking a place where their learning differences do not impede their academic and social growth. Not only are academic needs met, but students who have suffered from low self-esteem and self-confidence in the past find it provides a place where they can grow in these areas.

A full-day, highly accredited private school for students with learning differences and ADHD in grades 2-12, Noble serves students from the Piedmont region and now can serve students on the East Coast with its remote learning option.

Noble’s direct instruction approach, attention to individual needs, and strong emphasis on social-emotional learning, allows students to build the confidence they need to maximize their potential. To learn more, please visit or contact Christy Avent at 336-282-7044 ext. 4642.


FREE Assessments at OsteoStrong

When osteoporosis occurs in children, it’s called secondary osteoporosis. It’s basically the same thing as getting it as an adult—meaning that bones haven’t gotten as strong as they’re supposed to be. And it raises questions about the impact of our present lifestyles. Experts agree that getting enough appropriate exercise profoundly shapes a child’s future health.

In today’s sedentary culture, this becomes a real issue. Children are rapidly becoming sitters—typically in front of the computer screen, TV, or gaming device—spending more time indoors than outside. And, let’s face it: computer games don’t build bone. For children, that happens with daily exercise and play—in weight-bearing exercises such as running, tennis, dancing, skiing, soccer, and most other sports. These activities strengthen both muscles and bones. We know that muscles get stronger the more we use them and so do bones.

Call OsteoStrong Greensboro at (336) 763-2400 to schedule your free bone screenings!


Unique Busy Kids Opens Fall 2020

Opening Fall 2020 to serve your children for up to 4 hours a day. Call to see what makes them UNIQUE. Free Registration if you sign up before September 1, 2020.

Unique Busy Kids (UBK) is where children are allowed to express their uniqueness in a social environment. They take pride in helping children develop socially and emotionally, cognitively, and physically. Their teachers are loving, caring, understanding, and patient to work with all stages of a child’s development. They can assure you, that your child will be in a safe, loving, nurturing, and clean environment. They follow all CDC Guidelines.

~ Half Day Preschool
~ After School Care
~ Drop-in Childcare
~ Parents’ Night Out

There is also a separate space available to rent for birthday parties & special events.

Address: 3405 Lewiston Rd, Greensboro, NC 27410
Telephone: 336-291-3897
Facebook: Unique Busy Kids
Instagram: Unique Busy Kids


Tackle Advocacy: Offering Individual Instruction & Tutoring

Worried about your child’s education in the upcoming school year? During this unprecedented time, the individual needs of each student simply cannot be met. Don’t let your child be one of them and fall behind.

As a special education advocate, Annie B. Trent, owner of Tackle Advocacy, works collaboratively with parents and school personnel to help ensure that the individualized instruction a child is receiving meets the specific needs of that child. From attending IEP/504 meetings or parent/teacher conferences to researching the educational options best for each child, she understands every child is unique and offers services designed specifically to meet these individual needs. Annie B.’s passion is to help your child thrive.

Anne B. is available to meet with families safely in person or virtually using Zoom. She is also available for one-on-one tutoring designed for your child’s unique learning needs.


Two New Giveaways = FOUR Potential Winners!

~ Enter to win a Family Four-Pack of tickets to The Drive! Two winners will be announced. Click HERE to go directly to that giveaway.

~ Enter to win a $50 gift card to All Pets Considered – Two winners will be announced. Click HERE to go directly to that giveaway.


Winners of Our Last Giveaway

Congrats to Morgan Ferguson and Rebekah Wolfe for each winning a $50 gift card to Cugino Forno! Watch for an email from Triad Moms on Main to claim your prize, and Bon Appétit! 

*Today’s Sunday Spotlight is sponsored by Baby Quip, Noble Academy, OsteoStrong Greensboro, Unique Busy Kids, and Tackle Advocacy.