By TMoM Team Member Katie Moosbrugger

In today’s Sunday Spotlight…

~ Primrose Schools Build Critical Skills in the Early Years
~ Family Entertainment that is Fun, Educational, and Social at M1ND 6YM
~ Smart, Thoughtful Advising with AMR College Consulting
~ Fall Sports at the YMCA of Northwest NC
Winners of Our Last Giveaways


Primrose Schools Build Critical Skills in the Early Years

Young children often imagine what they can be when they grow up. But did you know it is estimated that 65% of the jobs children will have don’t exist yet? The future of the workplace may be unknown, but the foundational skills needed to succeed transcend innovation.

A national survey of Human Resource managers revealed that critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, self-control, adaptability and memory—often referred to as executive function skills—are move highly valued in entry-level candidates than technical abilities or academic background.

But there’s good news for parents—executive function skills are rooted in early childhood. Mounting evidence shows that parents, grandparents and early education providers can help children develop these skills by intentionally nurturing executive function skills during children’s early years.

To learn more about how these skills are embedded into Primrose Balance Learning® approach or to find ways to nurture them at home, visit them online here.


Family Entertainment that is Fun, Educational, and Social at M1ND 6YM

During these hot days, it can be a challenge to find something fun for the family to do together. Not to mention, Coronavirus has had us trapped in our homes for too long! Imagine there was something you can do that is entertaining, educational, social, unique, interactive, adventurous, and great for all ages.

Believe it or not, there is! M1ND 6YM gets you to achieve more by thinking differently. They use creativity, the principles of neurobics, and science-based research to bring you social experiences in the form of uniquely themed, educational, and engaging mind-challenge adventures.

Visit their Dojo, try an Experience, go on a Telequest adventure, or attend a Brain Boot Camp. Their goal is to inform and educate everyone about the importance of daily mental exercise as a means to be more creative, successful, and motivated. Learn more at


Smart, Thoughtful Advising with AMR College Consulting

Applying to college can be complicated. Recent developments – the ubiquity of test-optional admissions, the impact of COVID-19 on grading systems and school schedules, the inability to visit campuses – raise additional issues that may cause confusion.

With over 20 years of experience working in college admissions and secondary education, AMR College Consulting offers the expertise required to help families navigate these complexities. Whether you are the parent of a high school senior seeking guidance with the college application process or have a younger student and need help creating a personalized strategy that reflects on their passions and interests, Arron Marlowe-Rogers is committed to providing detailed assistance with every aspect of the college admissions process and secondary school experience.

Offering comprehensive advising plans and hourly planning sessions, Arron is ready to provide support and peace of mind to students and families throughout the college application process. Learn more: or call 336-484-1233.


Fall Sports at the YMCA of Northwest NC

It may not feel like fall is around the corner, but registration for fall sports at the YMCA definitely is!  And although fall sports will look a little different, the Y is committed to keeping kids safe and active!

How are they keeping kids, coaches, parents, staff, and our community safe? They’re  glad you asked!  Click here to see their COVID-19 fall sports safety guidelines.

You can now register your child for fall sports and choose the most convenient practice/session day and time for your family. To secure your spot, the Y STRONGLY encourages registering early. Their capacity is strictly limited this fall as part of their  effort to keep everyone safe. Once a team/session has reached its roster maximum, it will close. Maximums vary depending on the sport, age division, and program. Visit their website for more information and to register online!


Winners of Our Last Giveaways

Congrats to Isabel Chasse and Maria Hernandez for each winning a $50 gift card to All Pets Considered! And another big congrats to Emily Gregg and Sarah Spurgeon for each winning a family four pack of tickets to The Drive! Ladies, watch for an email from TMoM to claim your prize, and enjoy!

*Today’s Sunday Spotlight is sponsored by Primrose Schools, M1ND 6YM, AMR College Consulting and the YMCA of Northwest NC.