By Rachel Hoeing and Greg Felts, sponsored by Noah’s Place

Some of our readers have asked, “How do I know a business is worthwhile on your website and not think you are writing nice things about it just because it is a sponsorship?”  I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that when we write about a business such as the one today, we have usually had first-hand experience with them.  This business in particular, provided the bunnies and chicks at our Egg Hunt at Price Park.  They were courteous, timely, generous, friendly, and helpful.  We were very impressed.  So you can be assured that Noah’s Place comes recommended! If we are not impressed with a business, we simply will not feature them! Now on to our guest blogger, Greg! … Rachel

We are excited to share this blog post and contest exclusively with our friends at the Triad Moms on Main.

At Noah’s Place Petting Zoo and More, we consider ourselves memory makers who deliver smiles throughout the Piedmont Triad because of the unique, safe, and fun experiences we create. Noah’s Place creates memories by serving your birthday parties or group events with everything from petting zoos to inflatables.

Everyone tends to remember their firsts: friend, pet, doll, bike, pony ride, fish caught, homerun, etc.  You get the picture.  And yes, pictures are a big part of making memories.  Would you like us to make a memory for you?  If you are interested in winning an event by Noah’s Place, comment below and tell us your most memorable birthday party when you were a kid.  (More details below.)

Six years ago our family was introduced to Noah’s Place when their trailer pulled into our cul-de-sac. Within minutes their animals (goats, rabbits, llamas, donkeys, baby chicks, alpacas) were set up in our neighbor’s front yard.  Then out came Molly and Toby – the ponies.  This is when our daughter had her first pony ride.

It is amazing how much happens in six years.  Below is a picture of our daughter recently at the Oak Ridge Horse show, preparing to make memories for other first-time pony riders.

Noah’s Place will make any event worthy of a page in your scrapbook.  Birthday parties, festivals, school education outings, senior living activities, corporate picnics, VBS, etc.  You name it, and we can make it memorable.  We currently own eight inflatables, a fire engine tractor ride, a carousel, and several concessions.  Visit our website to learn about what we offer at

We have also created a coloring book featuring children playing outside with our animals.  Sunset the llama hopscotches with Izzi as Molly the pony plays tennis with Emily.  Childhood obesity is on the rise as children spend more time in front of television, computers, and video games.  Our coloring book supports an Active Lifestyle by encouraging children to do fun outside activities.  We can customize the coloring book to feature your children and friends.

We listen to our consumers as we continue to expand opportunities with our animals and services to make memories. Noah’s Place provides an experience with animals that also serves to educate.  Whether in a school setting or at a birthday party, we give kids an up close and personal opportunity to see and learn about animals that many know only from books.  They will long remember looking into the big brown eyes of Charley Brown our miniature cow or rubbing the head of Oreo our goat.  We also have an area on our blog called “Simply Ask” where questions can be submitted.

Noah’s Place Petting Zoo and More is a Kernersville based events company owned by Dr. Peter Kunkle Senior Minister at First Christian Church Ministries.  Dr. Kunkle relies on friends to manage Noah’s Place  as he carries out his many Senior Minister responsibilities.  Occasionally you will find him out at events because of his love for animals and the joy of sharing them with others.

What makes Noah’s Place different than other area event companies is that we are USDA licensed to legally transport a variety of animals to exactly where your event is in the Triad (as long as we are within the restrictions of the area and facility.)

We mentioned pictures earlier and know how important they are in capturing memories.  We close with just a few pictures of our family of animals who definitely have personalities of their own.  There is also one of SunnyD our now 5 week old chick.  Look how much she has grown since the Triad Moms on Main Easter egg hunt hosted by the Piedmont Land Conservancy.

Memory Maker package details: To enter, post a comment at the end of this blog of your favorite birthday party memory.  (You must enter your email address when you comment so we are able to contact you.)  The winner will be randomly selected on Friday, May 13, 2011.  The winner will receive either one hour of pony rides or a small petting zoo for their event. *Winning party must be held within a 30 mile radius of Kernersville.*

We look forward to helping you create your own special memories one day soon. For more information about Noah’s Place Petting Zoo we can be found or on our blog.  You can also call us today at 336-423-4288 to schedule your next event.

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