By TMoM team member Suzy Fielders

Being a mom is hard work. We are pretty much ‘on call’ 24/7. We are tired, run down and always put ourselves last. For just a few hours put yourself first! I’m not talking about just a spa day either, do something that will make you feel revitalized and empowered. Wondering how to achieve that? A one of a kind experience at Oh Betty! Boudoir is just the answer!

While it might not seem like a typical mom activity, it is a sure way to get pampered, let loose and momentarily not worry about toddler messes or teenage angsts. The final product, aka the photos, will also make for a very unique gift to provide a spouse, fiancée, or significant other. But most importantly, it’s a gift to yourself, to remind you to love your body and how you look.

A unique kind of photography

Owned by Kira Wood, a mother herself, Oh Betty! Boudoir truly tailors each session to the client and what they want to get out of the shoot.  Kira’s ultimate goal for each client is always the same though, for them to walk away from it all feeling amazing about themselves. Her open and down to earth personality really helps to put clients at ease in what would seem like an awkward situation. Just like most moms, and women in general, she too can relate to inner struggles with body image.

From the initial in-person consultation, to providing assistance in preparing for the shoot with sending many preparation guides, check lists, and lingerie buying info, to the day of the shoot, Kira aims to make it a very memorable and refreshing experience for each client.

On the day of the shoot get pampered with hair and makeup by her talented team and even enjoy snacks and refreshments during this getting ready time. During the entire process Kira is there to answer any questions that come up and put clients at ease. She even demonstrates the poses and guides each client through it as they are shooting. Kira loves that, “while everyone starts as a client at Oh Betty!, everyone leaves as a friend!”

Why get boudoir photos taken?

Kira shares, “These photos allow you to see yourself the way others see you. They help you to feel empowered. It’s also a way to give the ultimate priceless gift to someone special.”

As women, and especially moms, I’m sure most of you will agree we are very hard on ourselves – our body, our looks, our style and well pretty much everything! The empowerment that boudoir photography can provide is a step away from that self-loathing! “Boudoir photos give women permission to love themselves. It’s rare to have an opportunity to truly say out loud that you love yourself. We live in a society that makes women feel ashamed for loving their bodies no matter what size they are. This is their chance to feel uninhibited and free from criticism,” shares Kira.

Many people think boudoir photos are just for those getting married or wanting to give to a spouse, but there are really so many reasons to get them done. Kira shares a few from past clients, “I have a lot of women that have gone through divorce and breakups that come in for a session. It’s not always a gift for others. Sometimes women want to feel good again especially if they’ve been in a bad relationship. Or many women use a boudoir shoot to represent many stages of their lives. Some women do it right before trying to conceive, some do it while their pregnant, some do it to mark a big birthday and some do it when they are done having kids. I’ve also seen women do it to celebrate weight loss. Some of my clients are doing it because of breast cancer. I’ve photographed women right before mastectomy and after reconstruction. There are so many reasons to do this and not one reason is a better reason than the others.”

How it all started

Kira originally started out with a photography business and focused on shoots with families, kids and weddings. She shares her story to how she got into boudoir photography. “After I initially started out with families, kids and weddings I then tried photographing newborns, but I just didn’t have to the passion or patience for it! I struggled between quitting and trying to find that one niche I was passionate about. A friend suggested boudoir photography to me and for a long time I resisted it and couldn’t get comfortable with the idea. Then I had another friend model for me so I could try it and at that moment I knew it was what I wanted to pursue. I felt so empowered shooting and completely inspired. I’ve put so much time, money and effort into learning this genre. I can’t think of doing anything else now.”

What her clients say about her?

“Kira and I hit it off immediately! I’ve booked with her on two separate occasions, one while very pregnant. She made me feel comfortable and worked me through my jitters when I was feeling most vulnerable. Kira is down to earth, knowledgeable, full of talent, honest and so much fun! I’m extremely happy with my boudoir photos and my husband has a unique keepsake for years to come.” – Amanda D.

“The day of my boudoir shoot, I was so nervous, even knowing Kira as well as I do. Once we got the shoot going however, all of that melted and I was not just a mom anymore, but a hot, strong, inspiring warrior mom! I have never loved myself so much or felt more beautiful than I did that day!” – Kristina E.

Ready to feel empowered, sensual and invigorated? Contact Kira today or visit her website! Be sure to follower her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram to check out some of her amazing photos!

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