By Sarah Scott, founder of A Safe Space Playgroup

When I found out I am pregnant with our second child, the first thing I did was tell my husband, the second was to download every pregnancy app I could find. Okay, so maybe that was like number ten on my priority list, but it was definitely imperative that I had the support in place, in addition to finding the right high risk OB. A seasoned pro in pregnancy since my first pregnancy had been a high-risk situation, I wanted to make sure I was not lacking in information or support this time around.

I want to share with you some of the apps I downloaded and help you make an informed decision before you hang your head in shame after buying $30 on apps like I did.

What to Expect When You’re…Checking Out these Pregnancy Apps

#1 – iPregnancy App: This is my favorite app out of all of the pregnancy apps I purchased. There is a section for weekly information for baby, mom, and dad, an organizer for appointment information and logging, a weight tracking option that tells you what you need to do to gain at a healthy rate, a way to log pictures, a countdown to your due date option, an option to log important numbers, a baby name guide, and more! I like the functionality and it is fun to use.

#2 – What to Expect, Pregnancy App: If you have the book then you know “what to expect.” This app basically presents the same information you’ll find in the book but in a daily and weekly format, so you don’t need to carry that heavy brick of a book around in your purse!

#3 – BabyCenter App: This is a very useful app! It provides developmental and helpful information in a daily and weekly countdown calendar format. This app also has a checklist for each week so you can stay on top of things and feel more prepared. There is also access to the BabyCenter birth-club, where you can interact with other moms due around the same time as you. You will also find a kick tracker in this app.

#4 – Sprout Pregnancy App: This app is another one of my favorites! I love the 3D pictures and the weekly reports on development that are presented in a clean and fresh way. There is also a timeline feature so you can track your pregnancy along a timeline and see what milestones are coming in the weeks ahead.

#5 – Pregnancy (The Smiles Factory ltd): I like the weekly reports provided by this app and the 3D images provided for each week.

#6 – Gerber Pregnancy App: I did not find this app useful. I found it annoying to navigate and lacking in detail. I was disappointed as I expected more from Gerber.

#7 – Pregnancy Buzz by The Knot: This is a real no-no if you are a worrier or type-A in any way shape or form. Basically, you will have access to several discussion boards, organized by topic. Moms-to-be post questions and ideas on these boards. The idea behind this app is great, but then you begin to realize that every post is some mom freaking out, who are then answered by other moms who are also freaking out or sharing misinformation (they aren’t doctors!) I stay far away from this app and call my doctor when I have an issue or concern.

#8 – Pregnancy Weight Tracker (Voros Innovation): With my last pregnancy, I gained too much weight too quickly and I believe this only amplified my health issues as a result. With that said, I’ve adopted a healthy lifestyle since then, got down to a healthy and fit weight, and then found myself pregnant with #2. I know this time things will go so well thanks to apps like this one that help keep my weight gain on a healthy track.

Apps for Postpartum and Beyond!

#9 – Baby Log (BHI Technologies): I used this app with our first child when he came home from the NICU. I was still very sick and recovering myself so for those first six months, this app really helped me to keep track of feedings, diaper changes, and to track his growth. I will definitely use it when our second child is born. Moms with multiples can also use this app because it has room for you to add more than one child to the tracker.

#10 – Moms With Apps (Baby Binks): I like this app and as my son grows it allows me to purchase apps that will help him with various skills he is working on. It is a database of mom approved apps, organized by topic/theme. It links you to the Apple Store (some apps in the database are free, most are not) and saves you from hunting for an appropriate app to use for a specific purpose.

Do you have other apps you can recommend to new and expecting mothers?