By Guest Blogger Tish Migliaccio 

SuperTot Sports Academy is a premier child development program that uses a variety of fun games to delight and engage kids in phsyical and mental learning through various sports. The curriculum is professionally designed to develop motor skills, promote physical fitness, create self-confidence and prepare young children for sports.

tots1SuperTots offer soccer classes (SoccerTots) and basketball classes (HoopsterTots) at Proehlific Park, the Greensboro Sportsplex, and the Winston Salem SoccerPlex. Classes will be starting at Griffin Recreation Center in June. Each sport offers its own unique curriculum, which allows children the opportunity to explore their interest in different sports throughout the year. In addition, they offer PartyTots birthday parties for your little sports enthusiast!

Blog photo 1SuperTots is designed to fit the needs of all children between the ages of 18 months and 5 years because we see the need for physical development at an age appropriate level. Classes are divided by certain age ranges that are no wider than 1 year, thus, your child will get to develop alongside children of the same age and ability. Based on the age divided classes, SuperTots offers a specific curriculum for each age and sport. The curriculum has been designed using research guiding what children can and cannot do at certain ages along with the best and proven activities to keep each child excited and engaged.

Classes are offered once a week for a total of six weeks at a time. Starting this June, SuperTots will be offering bi-weekly and tri-weekly classes in order for your child to engage in physical and mental activities more than one day per week! We believe this will be beneficial with respect to refining skills at an accelerated pace. Classes will be held during morning and late afternoon hours throughout the week and on Saturdays during morning hours.

Blog Photo 2Part of the attraction that our curriculum offers to each child is the age appropriate and fun equipment. We offer a lot more than just a ball, a hoop, a net, or other basic equipment.  We also incorporate a variety of colorful equipment including tall cones, flat cones, tunnels, hoops, parachutes, and even pool noodles to engage and maintain the attention of our participants! is the national website where you can learn more about each of our programs, enter your zip code to find programs near you, and sign up for the best class for your child. Find the right class for your child and sign up quickly because classes are filling up fast!

Click HERE to go to our home page. Enter in your zip code to find all of the classes located near you.

Blog photo 3You can always contact the Program Director, Tish Migliaccio at or by phone at 941-323-8939. Feel free to contact our corporate headquarters in Spokane, Washington at 1-866-849-1099.

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