By Guest Blogger Amanda Buel of Picture Keeper

Out of all the material things that I own, the most important to me are our family pictures. I know that all moms can relate to that. We are constantly taking pictures of our little ones trying to capture the milestones, the sweet moments, the firsts, etc. Now that we are using digital cameras, we end up taking thousands of pictures…way more than the days when we used to have to pay for film and develop every shot. Most of us (like me), just store all of those pictures on our computers or camera cards. It doesn’t take much to lose all your photos – a computer crash, lightning storm, or a bad computer virus can wipe out your precious memories. Even though we know how important it is to back up your pictures, when you have literally thousands of them the task seems way too tedious and time consuming. I knew I needed to tackle my picture saving project. When I discovered a device called Picture Keeper, I had found the perfect solution!

Picture Keeper is a fantastically simple way to safeguard your irreplaceable digital photos. Basically, just plug Picture Keeper into any USB port, click Start Backup and it finds and saves all of your pictures in a matter of minutes. It’s that easy! And Picture Keeper is offering a unique giveaway to TMoM readers. Keep reading to get all the details!

So, maybe you are wondering what makes Picture Keeper better or different from a standard flash drive? A lot. The Picture Keeper is smart and knows exactly where to find your photos on your computer. Each time you do a backup, it knows which pictures it has saved and will only save the new ones. If you fill up one Picture Keeper, just get another one and it will pick up right where the first one left off! Because Picture Keeper is portable and requires no software installation, you can easily use it on multiple computers in your house and it will find and backup all your photos. You can even schedule back up reminders on Picture Keeper’s website, so you can scratch that off your to-do list. See Picture Keeper in action by clicking here.

When you are ready to print your photos, it is really easy to do. The pictures are organized the same way as they are on your computer, so you will have no problem finding which ones you want to print. Also, if you find pictures on your Picture Keeper that you don’t want, you can easily delete them. I am excited that Picture Keeper is now available at select Walgreens stores, which will offer one convenient location to purchase a Picture Keeper and print photos!

Additionally, Picture Keeper is offering a  PK-4 to one lucky TMoM follower. To enter, leave a comment below by telling us what important memories you want to save on Picture Keeper. We’ll pick a random winner on the morning of March 29!  Please include your email address so we can contact you if you are the winner. (CONTEST HAS NOW ENDED!)

Also, for any TMoM reader that buys a Picture Keeper at a participating Walgreens store, keep your reciept and email Picture Keeper at They will send you a $5.00 gift card you can use at the Walgreens Photo Center for 50 FREE prints!

The Picture Keeper is truly amazing. What it provides is insurance and peace of mind. I can rest easy knowing that our memories are safe, which makes Picture Keeper one of my favorite products.

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