By Katie Hamilton

Let’s face it, potty training doesn’t stop for busy families’ on-the-go. Lucky for you, a local mom inventor, Kelly Smith from Kernersville, has recently brought to market an award-winning travel potty seat called Pack ‘n PottyTM. It has been called a “game-changer for potty-time” by Fox News in CA and is a must-have for traveling with potty training toddlers and young children! Special offer for TMOM readers; enter code: TMOM2015 to receive 20% off your order!

A few years ago, Kelly quickly realized a need for this product when her son began potty training right before he turned three. Having to take him into a public restroom sent her over the edge but wasn’t going to let it prevent her from taking him everywhere she went!

PnP Remove CushionKelly geared up with multiple products on the market to protect her son from germy public toilet seats, but he could not wait for her to get everything just right for him to use and they didn’t offer the stability for a small child. “Life doesn’t stop for potty training, and when my son was in this stage, I quickly noticed a gap in the market for products that offered both fast setup and provided a stable, sanitary environment for children having to use public restrooms,” said Kelly.

With the advice from her Mom to use a portable potty seat sized for a child, Kelly realized this was a must-have. As a result, the patent-pending Pack ‘n PottyTM evolved to give the grimiest public toilet seat an instant, sanitary makeover while giving the child a clean, stable sitting area and parents a simple solution to be prepared with potty training toddlers on-the-go.

PnPSpecifically designed to create a stress-free potty-time experience; Pack ‘n PottyTM is an all-in-one travel potty seat that has an sanitary toilet seat cover attached to the child-sized potty seat and is made of antimicrobial and waterproof materials. The stylish tote bag transforms easily into a “tent-like” sanitary cover that drapes over any standard toilet seat, making minimal contact with toilet surfaces and shielding your child from all top surfaces.

In addition to giving a child the confidence they need, Pack ‘n PottyTM comes ready to use and sets up in seconds further preparing them for success.  Another feature is a built in wet/dry zippered pocket which is accessible from both the outside and inside when in use, very useful to store a change of clothes or wet clothes if there are accidents.  The eco-friendly tote material is machine washable and dryer safe when potty seat is removed or wipe with warm water and mild soap while on-the-go. Store Pack ‘n PottyTM in your car, stroller, backpack, or simply tote. It travels everywhere you go with a child: restaurants, malls, shopping, playgrounds, and parks. Watch a video on how to use it HERE!

PNP BluePack ‘n PottyTM is Tottigo’s first product to market; check them out at and support this local Mom Inventor. Tottigo’s mission is to provide unique, eco-friendly, and ready to use products for babies, toddlers and children that simplify the hustle and bustle of daily life and create more quality time for families on the go.

“I am thrilled to make Pack ‘n PottyTM available, it really takes the stress out of potty time, is so simple to use and prepares you on-the-go wherever you may be,” Kelly said.


PnP_FrtCoverAdditional Potty Training Tips:

  1. Stay on schedule – Be committed to keeping your child on a potty-time schedule while out and about, on vacation or even if just out to dinner or shopping. Children learn with consistency and developing a routine for potty-time will support them in achieving this colossal milestone.
  2. Patience – Potty training is not an easy task and especially when on-the-go! Give your child encouragement as they find their way through this endeavor and give them a stress-free potty time experience.
  3. Travel Gear – Making sure your child is comfortable is key to building their confidence. When having to use public restrooms, take a potty seat sized for a child to give them the stability needed to continue to build their confidence.

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