By Guest Blogger Angela Watkins, board member

Imagine a classroom where small groups of young children are working peacefully and diligently to stimulate their natural curiosity for life. Where they choose from a rich environment of manipulatives, sensory work, books, building materials, art materials and work that develops practical life knowledge and life skills, where the teacher is present as the guide to cooperative communication and conflict management, community building, safety and individual learning and not as an authoritative disseminator of information and rules. This is Montessori.

When you walk into Providence: A Christian Montessori Community you immediately feel the incredible peace of the place; as you quietly observe you will feel the fluid flow of the classroom, the calm and encouraging guidance from the teachers and the confidence of the students to manage their work, environment and interactions with other children with incredible skill for those so young. Under its roof, Providence houses over 70 students who are busy learning with freedom and independence that motivates curiosity and inspires each learner to love the process of becoming a person of excellence.

Providence is focused on the development of not only academics, but of the whole family and truly of the whole child. In a Montessori classroom, each child is valued and nurtured as a whole being: Mind, Body and Spirit. The emotional intelligence is nurtured through attention to development of self-awareness, emotional control, self-motivation, empathy and relationship skills. Children are allowed to develop in a safe, supportive, culturally-diverse environment that gives them the freedom to explore, cooperate, create, and become. Each family member is respected and valued as part of the community. Our parents are welcomed and encouraged to come and share their own wealth of knowledge with the community in their special fields of interest. Parent volunteer time is a big part of the school culture and allows for families to be more connected in our hectic world.

Providence is the only Montessori school in Alamance county offering programming for those 2 years old through 9th grade.  The school is a non-profit organization which has been directed by Denise Marti for 14 years with a well-trained and long-standing staff. This community offers extremely cost-effective full and half-day care and offers extended hours for working families from 7 am to 5:45 pm. Plans are in motion to build a nature-centered facility on a 40-acre plot that will allow for an incredible holistic learning experience and the expansion of our program to include children from infancy through 12th grade.

We welcome you to tour with us and discover this true hidden treasure; come experience the joy of being in a full Montessori program that operates with a Judeo-Christian worldview and truly nurtures the development of the whole child.

“PCM has been the greatest blessing! The love, attention and care they have for each of the children is what keeps me at complete peace. I’m also very comforted in knowing that they are truly not afraid to educate and guide children through various behaviors especially those that are challenging! The teachers are naturals and I’m thrilled my child has such wonderful people as guides along her educational journey!” – Olivia Gordon

“Our child began this curriculum in the fall of last year, since then we have seen so much personal and academic growth as well as her eagerness to learn and explore new work.” – Jaime Pike

Our children have attended Providence for 7 years.  They started there as preschoolers and have continued into their elementary years.  Over the years, we have watched our children benefit in so many ways from their educational experiences at Providence.   They have been taught to work hard to be important members of a larger community.  What has had the most profound impact on our family has been our ability to watch their love for learning.  This is simply an outgrowth of the experiences they are provided.  Learning at Providence is both purposeful and fun.  Our children are allowed to be individuals, learn in a way that is meaningful and most importantly be independent.  I am so thankful for all that Providence Montessori has provided to our family! – Merideth Miller

Providence: A Christian Montessori Community
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